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Six Different Models of Handyman Services

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Six Different Models of Handyman Services

Six Different Models of Handyman Services. Do you want to start the handyman services venture? This article could help you achieve the very first milestone.

Handyman services have been common in the west for decades. With the advent of fast mobile data, the trend became popular in nearly all major cities of Pakistan as well. These days, you can easily find handyman services in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, etc.

The best thing about this business is its remarkable diversity. Assuming all handyman follow the same business model is a mistake. It has countless possible models, and we will discuss a few of them in detail.

Do it All

It means everything when they say everything. The model serves all the needs of the customer’s home. From leaking faucets to out of order air conditioner. From broken pipe to water tank cleaning. Even mowing the lawn is no exception.

What is the key benefit for the customer? The whole idea revolves around that. Yes, the customer never has to contact the second contractor or handyman.

This model is common in many countries. It depends on the interior design products and the progress of architectural science and civil engineering in that particular country. Many handyman services in Lahore follow this model.

To-Do List Handyman

This unique handyman business model is not practiced in every country. The model takes advantage of today’s fast pace of life. People do not have time for even simple chores.

Parents are taking care of the kids and going to their jobs. Many wealthy people do not want to do things on their own. Aged people lack the required energy and health. None of these groups has time for simple home repair and maintenance tasks.

It usually includes tasks like, painting an office, hanging pictures, adjusting doors, hanging shelves, and many other things that need repair or improvement.

Basic handyman skills are enough to carry out these tasks. Anyone even the teenager can enter in the business.

Usually, they charge by the hour, by day, or even by half day. The profitable hour rate can help you generate good revenue. It is also good for the customer, as there is a long list of to-do tasks.

Niche Handyman

In many scenarios, it is better to specialize rather than being an all-rounder. Many of the handyman services are experts in one niche.

You may start only paint service, electrician services, or plumbing services, etc. This way you can establish an authority more quickly. Some services only mount the TV.

The efficiency level is more than other models as it takes lesser time to master one skill by doing it repeatedly. Moreover, flat rate pricing helps you earn more. The customers want the master plumber, electrician or dishwasher, etc. Therefore, you will stand out from the competition.

However, you need to hone your marketing skills, as you need more customers than the other models. You will not have as much repeat business as in the previous two models.

Cherry Picker

The model cherry-picks the jobs based on the skillset and interest of a handyman. This is the blend of ‘’Do it All”, and “To-Do List” models. However, you only take jobs that excite or help you earn better. Any job other than these two categories would be outsourced.

Good flexibility is the reason of this model being very common. You can quote certain jobs and make high profits. On the flip side, you can get comfortable but end up doing low paying jobs, that fall in the category of to-do list model.

You may not find handyman services in Lahore that follow this. The trend is not very common in Pakistan.

Franchise Handyman

All you have to do is to invest in the handyman business franchise.

This is the best option when you want to indulge in handyman business, but prefer a white-collar job that requires to sit inside the office. Do not swing a hammer, but take an established brand and utilize your business management skills.

Upfront costs make it a risky business to start. However, the franchises come with all of the business systems in the place.

Weekend Warrior

Yes, the part-time handyman services should also be included. Likely, you cannot leave your full-time job. Many homeowners like to get repair tasks done on the weekend or in the evenings. They are your potential customers. Target them wisely.


One of the most flexible businesses you can run is the handyman business. All of these models are proof. These models are flexible can even be further altered to fit your goals.

So wisely pick up the model and start providing handyman services today. Every model has unique benefits and disadvantages. Some are profitable, some require easy setup and some low cost. Pick the one for you in light of your goals and the situation.



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