Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips

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Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips
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Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips


Experts talked about how to properly care for your legs to avoid many problems.

Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips. In everyday hustle and bustle, we underestimate the load that falls on our feet. It is proper care that will provide protection from the most serious problems that can lead to the most dire consequences. In addition to varicose veins, people often experience foot fungus, cracked heels, and more. All this causes pain, money and inconvenience.

Foot care does not take much time if you turn this activity into a daily habit.

It’s better not to allow problems when performing home care procedures that are not complicated than to treat and spend your time, effort and money on it. Our tips will help you keep your legs beautiful and healthy.

If your legs get tired, be sure to do a contrast shower for your feet. This will increase blood circulation, improve vascular tone and relieve tension.

Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips

In addition, a contrast foot shower before bed miraculously helps you fall asleep faster. Pour hot and cold water from the shower for 3 or 5 minutes and end the procedure with cold. Then rub the feet thoroughly with a towel.

After the procedure, you can apply a nourishing cream.

Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips

In any obscure situation – squat

Actual for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and spend most of their time in the office eating cookies. We strongly advise gymnastics not because sport has now become a fashion trend. Squats involve many muscle groups, not only the legs, but the whole body. Due to muscle contraction, blood flow improves. The skin is saturated with nutrients and oxygen. Metabolic processes are accelerated, the color evens out, the skin becomes smooth, and subcutaneous fat slowly disappears.

Massage is an integral part of proper foot care. In addition, it improves the general condition of the body.

Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips

Do foot baths with essential oils and sea salt more often. Many girls are too lazy to make foot baths and in vain. They perfectly relieve fatigue, relieve dead skin cells, and just dip your feet in warm water after a hard day is very nice.

If you do the baths constantly, then you will notice that the skin of the legs has become softer. An unpleasant odor ceases to appear during the day.

Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips

Always choose high-quality and comfortable shoes. This is what guarantees you the absence of corns, “bones”, as well as other deformations of the foot.

If your shoes rub, your skin sweats during the day, then your shoes should be replaced. You will save on treatment in the future. With long walks, hiking in the mountains or playing sports, damage to the skin of the legs is almost inevitable.

There are many scrubs to soften and remove corns that can be used at home. They well exfoliate dead skin without damaging it, soften the heels and nourish with vitamins.

Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips

It is impossible to cope with strong calluses on your own with only ointments and nail files. You must visit the pedicure salon, where the master will remove the calluses during the hardware pedicure procedure. See how to perform hardware pedicures in the video from the wizard.

Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips

To prevent the nail fungus from settling on the skin of the legs and nails, never go barefoot in places with an increased risk of infection. The ideal environment for the reproduction of the fungus is: baths, pools, saunas in sports clubs and even slippers at your friends’ homes. But you can reduce the risk. Do pedicures at least once every 2 weeks, apply a protective agent to your nails, use the foot baths, lubricate your skin with pharmacy care products (they always have a protective antifungal component), thoroughly dry your feet with a towel after a shower, especially between your fingers.

Health and Beauty: Useful Foot Care Tips

Treating nail fungus is difficult and long. If you change the color of the nail, the appearance of spots, skin itching and other unusual symptoms, do not self-medicate. Baths can no longer help you. See a doctor. He will determine the type of fungus and prescribe the correct treatment.

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