Home of Steel: 4 Uses of Steel Tubes in Your Home

Home of Steel: 4 Uses of Steel Tubes in Your Home

Home of Steel: 4 Uses of Steel Tubes in Your Home

Home of Steel: 4 Uses of Steel Tubes in Your Home. Tubular steel or steel tubing is one of the most useful metal products on the market today. Given all the useful features of steel, it is no surprise as to why it is one of the most used construction materials in the world today. Factor in the many different types of steel alloys, its applications are seemingly endless. Using steel tubes whether in the Philippines or any other developing country has proven to be an effective way to make mass industrialization easier.

Such is the case when it comes to your homes. While most of the major industries in the world make use of steel tubes, you won’t have to look far if you want to see tubular steel in action. That being said, here are 4 major uses of steel tubes in your home.

 Steel tubes are used in appliances

Appliances are ever-present in any person’s home, but did you know that appliances make use of steel tubing for their given purposes? Take your gas range or stove for example. This type of appliance is used for cooking, and you need heat to do that. Gas is what produces the fire in your stove and steel tubes are responsible for delivering the gas to the burner. The burner produces a spark that sets off the fire and then you’re free to cook as you please.

The reason why steel tubes are perfect for this kind of function is that steel is non-reactive and durable. They aren’t prone to leaking gas because steel tubes are not easily punctured.

Refrigerators are also a great example of an appliance that uses steel tubes. For the same reasons: non-reactive to chemicals and gases, and also durable enough to withstand perpetual use. If there is an appliance or fixture in your house that has to deal with cooling or heating systems, steel is likely involved.


Steel tubes are also used to create the furniture you frequently use at home, specifically tables and chairs. In this case, custom steel tubing is used because they can be fashioned in a way that appears decorative or otherwise presentable, while not losing its rather simple functionality. Despite the word tube being associated with circular or round shapes, tubular steel can be created in angular forms as well to fit a given design – a testament to its supreme versatility.

Just look at your tables and chairs at home. Pay close attention to the legs and other supporting structures that uphold these furniture because this is where steel is most useful. Steel products are strong enough to support the weight of varying degrees.

Plumbing and drainage systems

Another guaranteed manifestation of tubular steel in your home is in the plumbing and drainage systems. Hollow steel tubes make for quality pipes that can transfer water and all its derivatives no matter how clean, dirty, or toxic the water may be. Stainless steel is the best kind to use for this as it has a natural resistance to corrosion, making it good for dealing with anything related to water. PVC pipes may be the more mainstream option nowadays, but tubular steel proves to be the more durable and consistent type of pipe material.

Structural foundation

Last but not least, tubular steel may also be used for the purpose of creating a structural foundation. This is applicable to most, if not all, types of buildings with your house included. Steel tubes as a product aren’t the most traditional material to be used for house foundations with rebars and cement blocks the more preferred option, but recent innovations have made it possible.

This can be seen in driven steel pipes and concrete foundations. Without getting too technical, this type of foundation is done by driving a hollow steel tube with a lost bottom plate down into the soil. This serves as a great foundation for compressive and tensile loads as well as important horizontal loads. Simply put, tubular steel does an exemplary job of being applied to structural foundations.

Key Takeaway

Now that you’ve read some of the countless applications of tubular steel whether in the Philippines or elsewhere, hopefully, your appreciation for stainless steel has grown. Next time you’re in the market for one of the best construction materials, don’t overlook using tubular steel.




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