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4 Best Self-monitored Home Security System

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4 Best Self-monitored Home Security System

4 Best Self-monitored Home Security System, which will help you to protect your house. However, these home security system is self-monitored and allow you to keep a record on your house through a smartphone.

These systems are very advanced and provide you with many benefits at a low price. However, these security systems will also send text alerts when any system breach happens.

Whereas, these security systems are easily accessible through a tablet or smartphone. Most of the house landlords need to secure their house, but they have to pay the high cost.

But you don’t have to forget the peace of mind because lots of security solutions are available. However, these security systems will costs you very less amount.

Many of these security systems will enable you to get access to your cameras through an app. However, this will allow you to take the necessary action to secure your house.

Below the paragraph, 4 Self-monitored Home Security System has mentioned, which will help you a lot.

4 Self-monitored Home Security System

  1. iSmartAlarm

iSmartAlarm is one of the best Self-monitored Home Security System. However, no monthly fees and no contracts is required.

It is very much easy to install because it is 100 percent wireless system. However, these security systems are cheap and don’t have long term contracts.

These security systems are versatile, as well as giving an extraordinary quality. However, it is coming with various functionality and features which you need to know.

iSmartAlarm has lots of features to provide you, which will help you. However, these self-monitored Home security system is not an Apple product.

It is very much easy to install and doesn’t need any kind of hardwiring. However, iSmartAlarm company is providing one year warranty on each of its product.

The price of these security systems ranges between $200 to $500. However, the price depends on the features and devices which you need.

It is also sending emergency text alerts as email alerts on your smartphone. However, users can quickly get remote access to their house via an app.

You can also add additional motion control features as well as sensors. However, this security system gives you limited home automation features, but it is best for you.


  • DIY installation is simple
  • Remote control access
  • Wireless
  • Intrusion protection
  • Home automation feature
  • Competitively priced
  • Upgrade professional monitoring
  • Medical response alerts
  • 3G and Wi-Fi alerts


  • Exclusive updates available
  • Upfront costs
  • Exclusive discounts available
  1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is another one of the nicest Self-monitored Home Security System. However, the design of these security systems is sleek.

SimpliSafe is a reliable security system which is providing easy DIY installation. However, it is known as one of the reasonable self-monitored Home security systems.

SimpliSafe is the company that has built its security equipment. However, these security systems are high in quality, which is providing lots of features.

SimpliSafe is the best security solution that has a high-quality design and quality equipment. However, the equipment of these security systems is versatile and durable.

Hence, you can easily use this system anywhere in your house. However, this system is linked to your house internet connection and also sends alerts.

However, you can also get monitoring from SimpliSafe if you want to upgrade, which will cost you $25 for a month. Because the self-monitored home security system is suitable for the people who need a low-cost solution.

However, you can also try the basic starter package features. This package includes flood, fire, and carbon monoxide monitoring solutions.

However, this security system will send you an email or a text message alert. The SimpliSafe system is also providing lots of features, which is mention below.


  • DIY installation is simple
  • Motion detectors
  • No monthly fees
  • Mobile alerts
  • Short term contracts
  • Very easy to use
  • Trial available for long-term equipment


  • These system giving limited upgrades
  • Few home automation features
  • Equipment is proprietary with limited customizations.
  1. Canary

Canary is one of the most well known Self-monitored Home Security System. However, this security system very much comfortable to install with DIY installation.

Canary is a camera-based security system which is offering motion detection, as well as 1080p HD image quality, and other excellent features.

However, this security system has low cost and providing versatile products. Canary is a well-designed security system and also come up with a useful video camera.

However, it is providing a high-quality camera that will provide you with detailed information. The canary security system is also coming up with various features that have mention below.


  • No monthly fees
  • Very easy to install
  • No long term contracts
  • Remote control access through the app
  • Intrusion protection
  • Home automation features and upgrades are available.
  • One-touch access to first responders
  • Include environmental protection


  • Some features are limited to the monitor system, which includes video downloads.
  • Upfront costs are not available.
  • Videos stored only for a day in the system
  1. Abode

Abode is one of the most popular Self-monitored Home Security System. However, it is a no-contract home security system, which means you don’t have to face problem-related payment.

Abode is the best self-monitored home security system which is coming up with various features. However, it is a DIY solution that is coming up at a very less price.

However, this security system is the best option for you, which will fulfill your need. Because it is easy to install and come up with a low cost, home automation, and overall features.

But this security system also has few weaknesses such as it is not giving all features. However, it is charging very less amount for the system.

Hence, it is a perfect option for the people who want a flexible self-monitored home security system. However, this security system is coming up with a various latest feature which you need to know.

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  • Easy DIY installation
  • Include environmental protection
  • Wireless system with cellular backup
  • No monthly fees
  • Include home automation features
  • Inexpensive equipment


  • Few customization and flexibility solutions
  • Upfront fees not available
  • Short return policy of 30 days



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