Hoverboards and Skateboards: Best for hitting the Roads

Hoverboards and Skateboards

Hoverboards and Skateboards: Best for hitting the Roads

Hoverboards and Skateboards: Best for hitting the Roads. These chic electronic scooters and later on the modern skateboards sort of came into fame after the famous Back to Future films of the late ’80s. At the same time How do Hoover Boards and Skateboards function, what factors you should consider before buying them, what are they, what’re their main differences, what are their specialties, and what kind of people can play around on them? All of this we will uncover with you in this blog.

In this review blog, we’ll list the factors necessary before making your deal on the hoverboards and skateboards as well as our top picks for each.

Hoover boards as the name propose to mean a board that can help you hoover or floats in the air without any support. As charming that may sound, that is not entirely true here. Since this was only possible in those flashy sci-fi movies, but in the real world these boards which we see have two balancing wheels on the side and a platform for your feet to stand on in the middle. Obviously, these boards are electronic of course in nature and portable and stunning to look at.

On the contrary, Electric hoverboards also soon joined the party as people progressed with tech and innovations. Remember here that they were here before the Hoverboards the latter being just moderately old. However, in recent times they have been proved to serve tough competitions to hoverboards due to their decent prices and electronic cool features giving you a stunning look when you move around your town or neighborhood with it.

These trendy skateboards are also nothing less of a thing, with speeds that can take you up to 25mph without having you to push against the floor. More on, these electric skateboards come with amazing side-on such as a motor, wireless speed controller, and rechargeable batteries. However, since not all hoverboards and skateboards are deemed equal in their designs there are some factors to consider before making your purchase. So, let’s dive down below into what we have gathered for you.

1. Safety is important!

The reason we put this point first before the rest will be obvious in a second to you as you read. This should be your topmost concern every time you buy either a hoverboard or an electronic skateboard. Don’t get stuck into buying either one if you are not satisfied with its quality. For instance, in 2016 a huge number of hoverboards faced some technical fault due to which they were sent back, as a result, they introduced a specification known as UL2272.

Hence, only buy the skateboards and hoverboards which have passed this quality and safety test to avoid any unfortunate circumstance in the future.

2. Quality and Wheels of both

Again, a must know and watch before buying them. Your hoverboard and skateboards should be of a first-class material from top to bottom. So, it can easily withstand your weight. At the same time, it’s wheeling should be similarly strong enough to accommodate your weight. Here your ideal choices depending upon your weight for hoverboards would be either 10-inch hoverboards or a standard 6-inch size.


3. Speed and Range

Going for both skateboards and hoverboards but much for skateboards an important factor to decide your pick is the speed of your board. While the top electric boards now promise speeds up to 25 mph. which is quite a lot for your adrenaline speed junkies. But if you are a beginner you can get boards with different speed options from beginner to expert. Their speed modes are then adjusted accordingly.

Moving on, select your hoverboards and skateboards which promise you the range somewhere near what you desire. For instance, for hoverboards select those which offer up to 10-12 miles. At the same time, it’s tough to determine the range accurately since it depends on factors like your speed, type of terrain, slop, and weight of the person riding. Hence your electric skateboard or the hoverboard will perform accordingly under these factors.

4. Battery timings

We all knew this was going to come right. We don’t mean to scare you, so chill out. It’s pretty simple as both hoverboards and skateboards are running on batteries to be very careful about what their ratings are before buying. Depending upon your journey and your daily use you’ll make your decision. For instance, if you plan to take your skateboard for a 10-mile round trip for you work every day or you plan to cruise for longer periods during your weekends then you need a board with high quality and long-term battery timing. Here your body weight, your terrain, and board type will measure how far your board will take you.

5. Our pick for the best Hoverboard: SISIGAD Self Balancing Scooter

This company has manufactured many decent hoverboards over the past years focusing particularly on kids to give him the thrill they desire. However, it can be easily used and often treated as a source of a famous gift for your office workers, beginners, and dog or catwalkers. Their motors with 300W capacity are designed such to give speeds up to 9mps keeping the safety check in mind. Plus, they come with 3 months warranty. It also comes in a variety of different models and other dashing colors.

More on, they also have added coolness of Bluetooth speakers and light so even if its night you’ll look fantastic while cruising on these particular hoverboards. At the same time surrounding yourself with your favorite music lyrics. SIGIGAD hoverboards are highly durable and this model is nothing the less and can withstand weights of even up to 260 pounds. With its 6.5-inch rubber wheels, you get a comfortable experience and in short, a great 5 star rated board due to its comfortability, cost-effective, and easy to learn features. Then what are you waiting for, you folks make your pick now and choose SISIGAD!

As friendly precautions by the manufacturers themselves if your board is facing any issue you can easily reset it by placing it straight and balanced on the ground. Then press the power button firmly for 20 seconds and restart.

6. Our pick for the best Electric Skateboard: BLIZZARD Tornado

This electric long skateboard is considered a long-time classic in its field. Rated at a decent customer rating on amazon’s site, we’ll show you just why is it worthy of your time. Firstly, its smooth deck style is still preferred by many people including myself. Around 38 inches long, this board is made from fine quality bamboo material and great quality grip tape on the surface giving it a strong rigid look.

Plus, this superior board as the name suggests is able to reach great speeds up to 17mph giving good ranges as well. It comes equipped with its lithium-ion battery secured. And ergonomic wireless remote which is comfy and easy to grip. Hence with such a remote, it’s a huge favorite even amongst advanced skaters giving you more control of your cruising. With strong wheels and the bamboo quality, it can withstand weights up to 250 lbs.

With the rest of its models, the skateboard comes with a variety of other exciting colors to make your day more appealing. Lastly, for its list of cool features, this board has regenerative batteries meaning, that when during cruising you apply your brakes your battery gets topped up. Cool paraphernalia, again right? On buying this board you get it fully assembled at your doorstep hence no need for extra worrying about assembly. For more related articles visit


Well our beloved readers, that’s pretty much all form our side under Hoover Boards and Electric Skateboards. Still, you should be aware of the fact that safety comes first before quality and price. So, when you are out buying your pick for these boards choose the ones which are most stable, provide max comfort level, and are not a restraint to your budget. Master your techniques and then whether its hoverboard or a skateboard you’ll have a blast!


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