How Artificial Intelligence will change the face of email marketing

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How Artificial Intelligence will change the face of email marketing

How Artificial Intelligence will change the face of email marketing. Artificial intelligence is a domain that has overpowered almost every field in science and technology.

As AI continues to become more and more mainstream, the question that arises is whether the current pace of AI will able to outpace the burgeoning market demands.

Entrepreneurs have now realized the potential of AI, and so have marketers. In order to efficiently tap into AI’s capabilities, marketers have started incorporating artificial intelligence systems with every marketing technique.

Though still in its infancy, the effect of AI in marketing is most evident in emails. It is as if AI has revolutionized a technology that has long craved for a reform.

In this blog, you will come across several innovations (with AI, of course) that has transformed how we have been marketing using emails.

 How will email marketing look like five years from now?

Artificial Intelligence

Once AI becomes central to all IT operations, workforce requirement will reduce drastically.

With AI, a lot of decision making and campaign planning to become automated. Thus, computer code will decide ‘what mail is to be sent and to whom?’ extirpating human interferences of all sort.

The system will be intelligent enough to target the correct client, ensuring a better business conversion. Since targeting the right client is more than half the battle, the remaining work can be accomplished with better efficacy.

 Personalized subject lines

All email campaigns that have succeeded in the past had one thing in common – they all boasted of a great subject line that clicked with the masses.

A lot of experimentation, the analysis goes into writing a single subject line. A great line boasts of a better click-through rate.

Moreover, the personalized subject line has been seen to have a long-lasting effect on clients, which, most often translates to a better customer-conversion rate.

Without automation, writing personalized emails and subject will be a difficult task to accomplish, considering that a single campaign has millions of recipients.

However, intelligent systems can write several subject lines at once, and also simultaneously analyze which one has a better CTR.

 Trigger real-time messages

As more and more device continued to stay online 24/7, online notification and ads relaying real-time ads became a norm.

With AI, we can plunge a step forward by triggering real-time message delivery system configured on cheap dedicated server. The delivery system will be intelligent enough to identify potential customers near the store. Once the customers are spotted, the message delivery system will relay ads to entice customers into buying from the store.

Logically, it makes more sense to throw a deal or a discounted offer to nearby customers. Also, if a customer at a store is only browsing select sections and hasn’t explored the newer ones, he can be made aware of that by triggering the system to deliver texts to his phone.

With real-time emails, emails will be more personalized than ever before; hence will achieve a better click-through.

We can unlock more CTRs if real-time delivery can be combined with weather prediction.

 Tailored Call-to-actions

CTAs were not as ineffective as they now seem. One of the prime reasons why call-to-actions failed because marketers did not pay any heed to change it. As a result, a tool that was once anticipated to drive a revolution now sits in a dump.

A more reasonable approach to bring back CTA would be to immerse CTAs with product image. Take, for example; an apparel company gives out a contract for ten thousand CTAs to an online advertising firm. One of the CTAs shows a dummy wearing an outfit.

Another call to action makes use of AI codes to Another CTA makes use of its AI codes and directly

Seeing a great fit with the product, a client is more likely to buy it even if he isn’t into that market.

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