How to find the best Consultant for Canada Permanent Residency?

How to find the best Consultant for Canada Permanent Residency?

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How to find the best Consultant for Canada Permanent Residency?

How to find the best Consultant for Canada Permanent Residency? Indoz Overseas is the brand name as Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the world’s leading and trusted immigration and overseas consulting companies. Indoz overseas was incorporated in 2006 to provide professional services to the people interested in migrating in Canada and other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Denmark.

We are one of the best Immigration advisor in Punjab. The advantage with us is that our immigration consultants have several years of experience in immigration.

Indoz Overseas is the leading immigration consultant, PR consultants, Visitor visa consultants and study Visa Consultants. Now immigration to Canada with your family isn’t a problem. We at Indoz Overseas, gives the privilege of hassle-free family visa services, to settle in Canada for business purpose and to reconcile with your family.


Canada is a democratic country with a multicultural population backend with efficient administration. It has been declared by the United Nations as being the best place to live, work and settle because of its access to education, high life expectancy and high living standards with low crime rates.


  • A Permanent resident has the right to stay and work in any location of the country.
  • You can enjoy social benefits like free education or children and health care facilities for family members.
  • Immigrants have the option to shift along with their family, including parents and children.
  • On completion of 3 years of life as PR, the immigrant can apply for citizenship.

How to find the best Consultant for Canada Permanent Residency?

Bring your family to live with you.

PR of Grandparents and Parents.

A Canadian resident in whether living in a Canada with, a permanent resident or a temporary resident can sponsor his/her parents and grandparents for a Canadian PR.

To sponsor you to need to:

  • Be 18 years and above.
  • Submit your documents to prove that you can financially support your parents.

Documents need to submit for PR in Canada:

  • Argument of the relationship between the applicant and parents of the relationship between the applicant and parents.
  • Proof showing that the applicant can support them self financially when Canada.
  • Proof of language proficiency.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Police certificate.

Indoz Overseas is a company that wants to immigrate to Canada. Immigration Consultants in Abohar is one of the most respected immigration consultant in Abohar. We have provided the best consultancy service to desired aspirants. We are here to help the people to fulfill their immigration services and dream destination.

Our strength is our dedicated team of experienced and professionals who provide services to our clients such as loyalty, certainty and customer satisfaction. We have a customer-centric team and service focused. With several years of experience in the immigration field, we have got a reputed name in the immigration industry.

We have guided and placed many clients to all over the world for a tourist visa, student visa, spouse visa, family visa, work visa and permanent residency visa.

Immigration consultants in Zirakpur has the staff members of the company are professional consultants who know the countries because they have their business tie-ups in those countries and there frequent visits to these countries give them a lot of experience about the countries.


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