How to Get Big Biceps in Simple 5 Steps?

How to Get Big Biceps in Simple 5 Steps?

How to Get Big Biceps in Simple 5 Steps?

How to Get Big Biceps in Simple 5 Steps? For a Bodybuilder the first thing that comes to be noticed is biceps. Everyone wants their body to have huge biceps so that they look amazing to be seen in tee shirts. So in order to get big biceps in simple steps here are some of the few procedural ways of How to get big biceps in just a few days making your body biceps boost.

Get Big Biceps in Simple 5 Steps

Sit on Inclined:

This is one of the best ways to make your biceps grow quickly by sitting on an incline. This will make your biceps harder enough and this is good because the muscles need to take pressure from an incline which will lead to more pumping of biceps.

Go Slow:

If you want the muscles of arms to properly grow then you must go down slow and then wait there until 3 seconds and then repeat the rep 12 times in a single set. This provides much-needed tension for the muscles to grow properly.


If you will concentrate on the biceps and the movement you are performing then you will be able to improve the quality of each rep more quickly so that you get a lot of training benefits.

Triceps Work:

If you want the proper rep to take place such that the muscles pump properly so need to flex the triceps such that the bottom of each will make your arms extend out completely so that the muscles get stress in them.

Bend Your Wrists:

If you bend the wrists properly down towards the floor then it will help the biceps to focus the efforts on the biceps only which will, in turn, make your biceps grow.

So the aim of making our biceps grow more has been established due to this. So this was simple 5 basic steps by which we can increase the growth of our biceps and get a very good and toned body. If you have any doubts or suggestions then please let us know we will try to give the best possible solution.


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