How to Obtain Quality Backlinks for an eCommerce Website

How to Obtain Quality Backlinks for an eCommerce Website

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How to Obtain Quality Backlinks for an eCommerce Website

How to Obtain Quality Backlinks for an eCommerce Website. eCommerce link-building is a great way to gain more traffic, authority and increased conversion rates. If you’re struggling to get quality backlinks for your eCommerce website, you may follow these budget-friendly link-building tactics or hire effective eCommerce SEO packages for better results.

Link building is fundamental for every website as it drives relevant traffic and builds the authority of the website. Google’s recent updates have made it even more difficult for website owners to fetch relevant backlinks for their website. Online marketers know the value of productive link building and look for relevant websites that can provide quality backlinks to the website. When talking about eCommerce link building, it is even more difficult as the businesses are competing for similar products and market prices. If you’re looking for professional eCommerce SEO services, you may choose an eCommerce package that is best suited for your e-Store requirements. eCommerce packages offer various advanced SEO services including, SEO audits, website optimization, keyword research analysis, competition analysis, eCommerce link building and more. If you’re struggling to obtain quality backlinks for your online store, you may choose effective yet affordable eCommerce SEO packages of any reputable SEO company.

If you’re low on budget, you may approach the following tips to gain quality backlinks for your eCommerce website.

1. Prioritize Blog Writing

Writing blogs is a great way to achieve innumerable backlinks to your eCommerce website. If you write a blog on trending and interesting topics, many other similar websites would like to link their content with your blog. This way you can get quality and relevant backlinks to your online store and gain authority. In addition, make sure your blog posts are search engine optimized so that they appear when other companies or websites are searching to link to your content.

2. Request Your Manufacturers

If your manufacturers have their own business websites, you may request them to feature you on their websites. This will help you get links from their sites and drive potential traffic to your eCommerce website. You can even mention their name on your website as this will help in effective link building for both the websites.

3. Ask the Famous Bloggers to Review Your Product

You may also approach some of the famous bloggers or social influences for reviewing your product. This way you can obtain backlinks for your eCommerce website and expand your reach to a wider audience.

4. Actively Monitor Your Mentions

Customers use social media or other online interactive platforms such as public forums or communities to share their experiences with your business. Therefore, it is very important for online marketers to know what people are saying about their products or services in order to protect their online reputation. You may use Google Alerts or AI-enabled tools to track and get notified of your mentions by the customers on different social media platforms.

5. Write Guest Posts

Guest posts on relevant websites can be beneficial for eCommerce link building. You may look for websites or blogs of similar niche and request the website owners to write articles for their website with your link integrated in the post. If they approve your request, you’re good to go.

You may find many SEO companies offering several SEO packages that include writing guest posts for obtaining backlinks. However, Google updates do not encourage guest posts anymore. Still, generating backlinks from high-authority websites such as PR websites or media websites can be considered as natural and relevant.

6. Catch Attention of Your Customers

As the internet is booming with innumerable pieces of content, customers are likely to overlook your business if they do not find your content unique and interesting. You may catch your customer’s attention by creating seasonal landing pages to feature market trends or offers, selling unique products, newsjacking or using PR stunts. If your customers find them interesting, they are surely going to share them on multiple platforms. Moreover, you must be watchful of the trending topics so that you can write content on that topic as early as possible and catch the attention of the users. Hence, by doing these, you can get assured backlinks for your eCommerce website.

7. Focus on the Different Forms of Content

Visuals are a great way to attract more backlinks. You may look for similar infographic submission websites and submit infographics on some complex topics which can be easily understood by your customers through your infographics. More views or shares of your infographics can fetch you a great number of backlinks for your online store.

Furthermore, a highly-engaging video is likely to be shared more than a blog. Therefore, you can shoot or create videos so that they can be shared by your potential customers on different platforms. This is actually a proven link-building strategy that every online marketer implements to obtain relevant backlinks.

8. Grow Your Business Network

You may build partnerships with similar and less competitive eCommerce businesses for getting quality backlinks from their websites. This can be in the form of writing articles for each other or getting featured on each other’s websites. This way you can expand your business network and allow sharing of your information or products on various online platforms.

To Sum Up

Besides these easy and budget-friendly link-building strategies, there are several other ways of getting high-quality backlinks for your eCommerce website. No matter whichever strategy you follow, you must ensure consistency in your efforts. If you’re looking for professional eCommerce link building services, you may hire a reputable SEO company that offers result-oriented and time-based eCommerce SEO packages to help you gain more traffic, authority, trust and loyalty and increased conversion rates.


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