Importance of Real Estate Photography in Buying/Selling Property

Importance of Real Estate Photography in Buying/Selling Property

Importance of Real Estate Photography in Buying/Selling Property

Importance of Real Estate Photography in Buying/Selling Property. We have all heard the old saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” It holds, not only in other walks of life but in real estate dealing as well. It is a known fact that life has become fast-paced and thanks to the internet and online services, we can manage our time more effectively and smartly.

Buying or selling a home was once considered a hectic and time-consuming process. Although it still is, the online services and property portals have simplified it and made it much easier. Through the online property portals like ilaan.com, sellers can advertise their properties to the sellers who can easily view them online.

Importance of Real Estate Photography in Buying/Selling Property

To view a property online, the most essential thing is the photos of the property. Real estate photography has gained a lot of importance in the last couple of years and why not, it helps find their homes and browse properties on the go or the comfort of their homes.

The key is to take pictures that give a clear idea of the home or any property being advertised. Not everyone can take professional property images and this is where professional real estate photography comes to the rescue. Don’t believe us? No worries, let us give you an example.

If you have ever browsed for a house for sale in DHA Lahoreyou might have noticed that the pictures available with the listings are very professional and engaging. In the blink of an eye, they can captivate you and compel you to make a call to the respective agent and book your visit. This is the perfect example that signifies the importance of real estate photography. Today, not everyone has the time and energy to visit different places just to see the property they are looking to buy. Similarly, in the case of sellers, not everyone has the patience to deal with multiple real estate agents to market their property.

This is where the property portals come in handy and allow you to advertise your property if you are the seller. Similarly, if you are looking to buy a property, let’s say a house in DHA Lahore, you can easily browse the property, watch their images, and get an idea of how the property looks like. Many different property portals are operating in the digital space and frankly, not every portal is worth your time and energy. Before you choose a property portal, you have to make sure that it has sufficient reach, it is ranked on the social media and people know about it. The value of property increases when it is advertised on a reliable property portal. No one buys expensive stuff from a local shop, after all, the same applies to real estate as well.

Homes with Pictures Sell Faster

One of the facts about real estate photography is that homes with images sell faster. Some buyers are interested in buying a home like to look at the pictures before visiting the site. Statistics suggest that homes with a single image gain the attention of around 70% buyers and those with 2 or more images attract around 80 to 90 percent buyers. However, properties with no images are usually browsed by 10 to 12 percent of the web traffic on the property portal.

One of the most innovative property portals in the digital world is ilaan.com that leverages all the latest technologies including HD photos captured by highly professional and skilled photographers, drone coverage, HD videos, property 2D floorplans, interactive floorplans, and so much more. Out of all the features, the images are liked and acknowledged by a healthy majority of the visitors on ilaan.com.

No matter if you are looking to buy or sell a house, you can always visit ilaan.com and talk to their friendly staff. Although there is no option to directly upload your property, you can contact their team and they will not only upload the property but get it captured by their professional team. So, before you waste time on other property portals, make sure to visit this website that offers the best and most transparent way of buying and selling properties. What makes them stand out is the fact that they only upload those properties that have been visited and verified by their team to offer the best value to the clients and visitors.


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