India raids media companies critical of government

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Hindi-language regular Dainik Bhaskar carried a bid of reports connected devastation caused by pandemic successful April and May

an entranceway  of the hindi connection   dainik bhaskar regular  paper  which was raided by amerind  taxation  authorities is pictured successful  bhopal india july 22 photograph  afp

An entranceway of the Hindi-language Dainik Bhaskar regular paper which was raided by Indian taxation authorities, is pictured successful Bhopal, India, July 22. PHOTO: AFP

Indian taxation authorities connected Thursday raided a salient paper and a TV transmission that person been captious of the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, triggering accusations of intimidation.

There was nary authoritative remark from authorities connected the raids against Hindi-language regular Dainik Bhaskar and the Bharat Samachar transmission but section media quoted unnamed taxation officials arsenic saying they had "conclusive grounds of fraud".

Boasting a readership of millions, Bhaskar has carried a bid of reports connected the devastation caused by the pandemic successful April and May and criticised the government's absorption of the crisis.

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The regular said connected its website Thursday successful effect to the raids that successful the past six months it had sought to "put the existent concern successful beforehand of the country".

"Be it the substance of (throwing) dormant bodies successful the Ganges or... hiding deaths owed to corona, Bhaskar showed fearless journalism," it said.

At the tallness of the Covid-19 outbreak, families successful India's north and eastbound gave up the bodies of their loved ones to the stream oregon buried them successful shallow graves connected its banks, apt incapable to spend the outgo of ceremonial pyres.

Last month, the daily's exertion Om Gaur wrote an op-ed successful the New York Times saying the bodies successful the Ganges were symbolic of the "failures and deceptions" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration.

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Brijesh Mishra, exertion successful main of Bharat Samachar, said the raids were harassment.

"We are not acrophobic of these raids... we basal by the information and the 240 cardinal radical of Uttar Pradesh," helium was quoted arsenic saying successful Hindi connected their website.

Modi's authorities has agelong been accused of attempting to stifle captious reporting successful the world's biggest democracy, thing it denies.

On Reporters Without Borders' 2021 property state index, India ranks 142nd retired of 180 countries.

Ashok Gehlot, main curate of the bluish authorities of Rajasthan, said the raids were a brazen effort to suppress the media.

"Modi authorities cannot tolerate adjacent an iota of its criticism," Gehlot, who is from the absorption Congress party, wrote connected Twitter.

New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that the raids were "an effort to scare the media".

India has officially reported 31 cardinal coronavirus infections and implicit 400,000 deaths truthful far, but experts accidental the existent figures could beryllium overmuch higher.

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