Indian Olympic medallist to watch Games from behind bars

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India's two-time Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar volition beryllium catching each the enactment astatine the Tokyo Games from wrong the jailhouse wherever helium is incarcerated connected charges of kidnap and murder.

A tv has been arranged successful the communal country of Tihar jailhouse successful New Delhi aft a petition by Kumar's lawyer to situation authorities.

"We person allowed Sushil to ticker tv successful the communal country of his ward on with others," Sandeep Goel, manager wide of Delhi prisons, told reporters.

"He had made a petition done his lawyer for a TV to enactment updated astir wrestling matches and different happenings."

Kumar, 38, was arrested successful May aft a week-long manhunt implicit the execution of promising wrestler Sagar Dhankad astatine a stadium successful the capital.

Kumar, who is the lone Indian to triumph 2 idiosyncratic Olympic medals, has pleaded guiltless and accused constabulary of a biased investigation.

He won the freestyle wrestling metallic astatine the 2012 London Games aft bagging a bronze astatine the Beijing Olympics 4 years earlier.

He has besides won 3 Commonwealth Games golds and was awarded India's highest honour for athletes successful 2009.

Last month, a Delhi tribunal had dismissed an exertion by Kumar seeking peculiar nutrient and supplements successful prison.

Kumar is lodged successful a abstracted compartment successful Tihar for information reasons.

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