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Top 5 Best Free Infographic Creation Tools

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Top 5 Best Free Infographic Creation Tools

Top 5 Best Free Infographic Creation Tools. As the amount of information transmitted increases, the use of infographic images will make the content easier for readers. The fact is that our brain processes images faster than text. As the amount of information is increasing, converting complex data into graphic photos will make the content easier to grasp and remember.

The only problem is that creating beautiful infographics usually requires more intensive skills and more time than allowed. You can use the infographic creation tools available form and completely free below. But if you have not much time or have no design skills, grab one of the tools below to accelerate this process, significantly improving your productivity.

Infographic Creation Tools

1. DesignCap Infographic Maker

DesignCap is an infographic tool offering a wide range of graphs, maps, columns, tables, and other charts, that allows you to turn boring data into compelling infographics with just a few clicks. You can choose your theme color and font, insert existing images, and upload your shapes and backgrounds.

The editing of infographic data can be directly loaded from a spreadsheet of XLS, XLSX, CSV files. When you’re happy with the design, you can save it under your DesignCap account for further changes or share on social networks or any other where you want with a shareable URL.

2. Canva

Infographic Creation Tools

Like DesignCap, Canva is a powerful and easy to use online tool. With a large number of images, logos, fonts, and design templates, you can already have an infographic suitable for all requirements from ads, presentations, documents, reports, etc.

When the free library is not enough, you can use hundreds of more designs, fonts, and many other specialized elements for some dollars. You can use it in your browser or download the Canva app for iPad to design on the go.

3. Infogram

Infographic Creation Tools

Infogram offers many different templates, based on which we can add text, a dozen or so forms of a diagram, map, video, or graphic file in the next step. By adding all the elements, as well as numerical data or percentages, we are able to view the resulting infographics all the time. This is an excellent program for creating statistical infographics, but on the other hand, it seems to be a bit harder to control than the other tools above.

4. Google Developers

Infographic Creation Tools

Google Chart Tools is a powerful, easy-to-use, and free toolkit. You can choose from a variety of sample charts and set options to fit the site’s look and feel. By displaying data in real-time, Google Developers is the perfect tool for displaying changing information streams as a result of a vote on your website.

5. Venngage

Infographic Creation Tools

Venngage is another tool for creating and sharing infographics because of its simple and intuitive interface. You have the option to choose from the various templates, themes, different charts,  icons. You can also upload images and backgrounds from your computer, or customize a theme to suit your needs. It also allows you to make short animated videos here. You can join it for free, but the premium account gives you access to more templates and features.


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