Instagram Story spotlight for your Business

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Instagram Story spotlight for your Business

Instagram Stories spotlight for your Business. The Instagram stories are only 24 hours long which means that if your Instagram followers miss, they will no longer have access. Spotlight The Instagram Story is an effective feature for solving this problem. With Instagram Story Highlights, your stories will be saved in the highlights that appear as folders or collections of stories that appear on your profile for 24 hours.

Just like folders, highlights should be based on the topic or theme of the story they like and have a cover or icon to illustrate the stories inside. They are important for helping your real Instagram followers see the content after the 24 hour Story and appear on your profile in your bio.

Add a cover to your Instagram Pictures

If you do not add a separate cover to your Home page, the cover icon for your Light will have a picture or video installed on the Home page. You can, however, have a cover icon while not having to use your Story. Here’s how:

Save the icon you want as your Connection to your phone’s camera

Keep your finger pressed to attack and select Edit Highlight

Select Edit cover and select the image from your camera roll

Select Done to close your flashlight

You can change your Highlight cover to create a unique identity for your brand. Canva is a great tool for this. Here’s what you need to do to create a Spotlight and Canva cover for your business:

Through your Canva account, search for “Story Story” in the search bar

Select the “Instagram Story” template to take a good look at your Owner’s cover

Go to “Elements” in the barber and select “Graphics” to select some illustrations for your Highlight cover

With text options from Canva, you can also choose Cover Highlight based on text

Once you have made your choice, select the background color, and download it.

After saving to your camera roll from the phone, add the highlighted cover in the manner described above Sharing the cover you highlight can add a distinct brand personality and make your brand more recognizable to your Instagram followers. It can also help you have a better Instagram presence in your feed and help your audience compete with your brand. Ultimately, such benefits mean that you will be able to grow your business, which is important if you want to give yourself to your competitors.

You can add a maximum of 100 photos/videos to highlight, but there’s no limit to the number of Highlights you can have on your profile.


Using Instagram Story Highlights for Business

Instagram Story highlights can be used in several ways to accomplish your business goals:

If you’re launching a new product or collection, adding it to Spotlight will help your Instagram followers keep track of the range of products you offer or give ideas to your collection. You even have Spotlight Stories that have product tags and stories that you can’t block so that direct visitors can buy your product right away. By easing their shopping experience through your Product Highlights, you can experience sales growth for your business. If your business has a large product portfolio, you can create Products based on their technology, making it easier for customers to see what they like.

Highlight tutorials

If you have a video or “how-to” video that shows how your product is or how to improve your product, adding such highlighted content will give your readers a helping hand when they need it without having to wonder how to use a specific product.

Hosting contests and giveaways

Events and events tend to be time-consuming and with many Instagram followers who can give you the latest misss without using the feed. By adding contest details and giveaways to your Stories and highlighting them, you will make it easy for your real Instagram followers to stay informed about your most engaged contests/exhibitions and accompany them.

Seasonal tide content

Some products can be seasonal or you can season well that your customers can’t afford a year. You can also offer certain seasonal discounts to your Instagram followers and you won’t be able to take advantage of it after some time. Highlighting such content can attract seasonal attention to increasing customer interest.

Post content on other social media platforms

You can run many other social media platforms for your business and it is important to develop your audience on other platforms as well. Getting your Instagram followers to support you on other platforms can increase engagement on other platforms and lead to general business growth. Adding Suggestions to update your readers about the content posted on social media platforms may not serve this purpose.

Updating on trending topics

If you have a blog for your business or generally share opinions on trending topics related to your industry, you can add a Spotlight for this. This way, you can share your ideas with your Instagram followers as well as be aware of trending topics in the industry.

How to post content

If you have a branded hashtag and have been able to paste many of the content generated by the content, it is best to post content such as Stories and highlight them. Good user-generated content for your brand because it’s true for your audience. It shows people that you have had a good fortune and relayed the message about your brand directly to its customers. Such content serves as a strong testimony or an overview of your brand to other potential customers. This can result in sales growth for your business. Also, it can alert your customers and claim their support, which can help them be more connected to your brand.

Give your partner and ambassador a shout

As a business, you can have multiple brand partners and ambassadors working with you to achieve your business goals. Influencer marketing is also something that brands are increasingly using. Highlights can help you yell at your partners and your ambassadors. Not only does this help to recognize them, but it also creates a sense of transparency for your Instagram followers.

Promote your campaign

If you have a campaign that you want to promote on Instagram, creating a Spotlight is a great way to raise awareness. Campaigns can also be social causes. If your efforts support a strong social cause and run a campaign on it, such Stories can also be highlighted to enhance brand credibility.

Highlight your business activities

Highlighting important events from your business is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Your Instagram followers will be able to view the past as well as upcoming events and check for updates related to such events. This can help create hype around business events.

Post & as post

If your Instagram followers have questions for you and you do many stories answering their questions, highlighting them is a good idea that your responses to such questions can be saved for future reference. You can receive repetitive questions from your audience and in such cases, creating a Spotlight FAQ for your brand will save you time and time again. All you have to do is direct your readers to this spotlight and let them respond to themselves.


It’s a great idea to extend the life of a Story, which doesn’t, it can only take 24 hours. New Instagram followers can also access it and introduce important details about your brand. Try out some of the uses described above and benefit yourself.



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