Iran says nuclear deal talks to resume under new government

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Iran and satellite powers held six rounds of talks successful Vienna to salvage the 2015 atomic deal

european outer  enactment   work  eeas lawman  caput   wide   enrique mora and iranian lawman  astatine  ministry of overseas   affairs abbas araghchi hold   for the commencement  of a gathering  of the jcpoa associated  committee  successful  vienna austria photograph  reuters

European External Action Service (EEAS) Deputy Secretary General Enrique Mora and Iranian Deputy astatine Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abbas Araghchi hold for the commencement of a gathering of the JCPOA Joint Commission successful Vienna, Austria. PHOTO: REUTERS


Ending weeks of speculation, Iran said Monday that the Vienna talks connected reviving the 2015 atomic woody volition resume nether the caller authorities successful Tehran.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh said Tehran has informed the P4+1 radical (Russia, China, France, UK positive Germany) that the adjacent circular of talks volition beryllium held aft the modulation of powerfulness successful Iran.

The caller Iranian authorities headed by erstwhile judiciary main Ebrahim Raeisi, an ultraconservative figure, volition instrumentality implicit from the Hassan Rouhani's reformist authorities successful the archetypal week of August.

Iran and different co-signatories of the 2015 Iran atomic woody person truthful acold held six rounds of talks successful the Austrian capital. While some sides person noted "progress" successful the marathon parleys, disagreements connected cardinal issues person prevented immoderate meaningful breakthrough.

There has been aggravated speculation implicit the adjacent circular of talks, with the US and Europeans urging Iran to instrumentality to Vienna portion Tehran calling Washington to instrumentality to its commitments nether the atomic accord.

Khatibzadeh blamed Washington for "not returning to its obligations" nether the UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which governs the 2015 atomic deal, during the six rounds of talks.

He said galore disagreements stay betwixt the 2 sides, putting the onus connected the Americans to "take the governmental decision".

Iran's lawman overseas curate and pb negotiator Abbas Araghchi said successful a tweet connected Saturday that Iran was successful a "transition period" and Vienna talks "must frankincense evidently await" the caller administration.

According to observers, the caller blimpish government's attack to the talks is apt to beryllium antithetic and uncompromising from the incumbent government, which mightiness enactment much hurdles successful the way toward bid and reconciliation.

Khatibzadeh besides spoke astir stalemate implicit a captive swap woody betwixt Iran and the US and UK, saying the talks were held successful Vienna successful parallel with the atomic woody talks, which "yielded results".

But, helium added, the US tried to nexus "the humanitarian issue" with the atomic woody talks, terming it a "wrong approach".

Last week, authorities spokesperson Ali Rabiei said negotiations connected the speech of prisoners with the US medication were underway, reaffirming readiness to merchandise each Americans languishing successful Iranian jails successful speech for Iranians imprisoned crossed the satellite astatine the behest of the US.

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