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List of Iranian Restaurants in Dubai to try Delicious Kebabs

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List of Iranian Restaurants in Dubai to try Delicious Kebabs

List of Iranian Restaurants in Dubai to try Delicious Kebabs. Iranian cuisine remains a favorite of many because of its subtle flavors. Some most popular dishes from this cuisine are aromatic Kebabs and delicious saffron-flavored rice. For kebab lovers, there are many Iranian restaurants in Dubai to venture out and try various delicacies. Here is a list of some of the top favorite and popular Iranian restaurants in Dubai:

1. Shabestan

This classic Iranian restaurant at the Creekside is the best bet if you are looking for a luxurious fine dining place serving finger-licking kebabs like Chelo Kebabs or the succulent Joojeh Kebabs. Indulge in a kingly feast and try the Shabestan specialty platter, which serves four people and is priced at AED 798. So enjoy the creek views with your family or friends and eat to your heart’s content along with Iranian music in the backdrop.

2. Shiraz Nights

This beautiful Iranian restaurant in Dubai is situated at the banks of Baniyas. Come here to try their scrumptious Shawarmas and also enjoy a sweet little Abra ride. This restaurant gets huge loyalty from its customers who flock this place for an affordable and delicious Iranian meal. So try their Shawarmas along with their Sultani Kebabs and also the Okra stew with rice. Craving for dessert? Their saffron-flavored soft serve is a yummy sweet treat to beat the heat.

3. Iran Zamin Restaurant

If you are looking for a weekend outing with friends, try this Iranian restaurant in Dubai where you could savor flavourful Kebabs and also smoke off the Hookah! This restaurant is very popular with visitors and serves some of the best Iranian lamb chops named Kebab-e-Barrah. You should also try their Zereshk Polo ba Murgh, which is a rice dish made using Burberry rice and chicken or order Kashk e Badamjaan, which is an eggplant-based appetizer, a specialty of this place.

4. Al Ustad Special Kebab

The most talked-about place in Dubai, this restaurant has been here for over 40 years and is always thronged by visitors because of its finest Iranian cuisine. Popular for its mouth-watering and delectable Kebabs, this Iranian restaurant in Dubai is a must-try. One must also try their Chicken Saffron and delicious Lentil Soup. But your meal isn’t complete without their Mint Tea. This restaurant’s longevity lies in its chargrilled meats and amazing service.

5. Farsi Restaurant

One of the grandest-looking Iranian restaurants in Dubai, you can’t miss it when its gold lettering shines to its brightest during sunset. The interiors are classy and regal with its charming chandeliers, intricate mosaics, dark wood elegant furniture, and fine-dining tableware to go with it. Their dish portions are sizeable, which arrive with big, moreish slices of Iranian bread. The meat dishes, especially the mixed grill is a hit here. You would be greeted with delicious complimentary bread and salad and the warmth of their staff will surely win your heart.

So next time you crave for kebabs, you know which Iranian restaurants in Dubai to head for.


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