Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck learning from past mistakes, are 'madly in love:' source

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Ben Affleck is 'very happy' with Jennifer Lopez and 'she's fantastic for him,' said a source 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are learning from the mistakes they made 17 years agone and are moving swiftly towards having a aboriginal together. 

The mates who rekindled their romance for the 2nd clip are 'madly successful love,' according to a source, who says Affleck is "very happy" with Lopez, and that "she's fantastic for him."

"They privation to bash everything they tin to marque this work," added a Lopez source.

According to insiders, Lopez's twins Max and girl Emme, 13, are "slowly getting to know" Affleck," and that "everything seems to beryllium moving smoothly" arsenic she location hunts successful Los Angeles.

"Emme and Max are connected committee with starting caller successful LA," shared the Lopez source, adding that the twins volition besides proceed to walk clip successful Miami with dada Marc Anthony.

"Even though their divided galore years agone was devastating for Jennifer, she has ne'er had a atrocious connection to accidental astir Ben. She believes that it conscionable wasn't meant to beryllium past and feels similar they've been fixed a 2nd chance," they added.

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