John Cena confirms he will return to WWE

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John Cena confirms helium  volition  instrumentality    to WWE

John Cena has confirmed that helium would beryllium backmost successful the ringing soon. Appearing connected "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", John said helium would decidedly instrumentality to the WWE wherever helium made his debut successful 1999.

Those rumors are true," Cena admitted. "I'll decidedly beryllium backmost to the WWE, I conscionable don't cognize when," helium said erstwhile asked to acceptable the grounds consecutive connected erstwhile he'd get to his WWE roots.

The erstwhile wrestler past period posted a representation connected Instagram of the WWE logo without a caption.

Commenting connected fans questions connected his Instagram station astir his return, helium said helium really didn't deliberation the photograph would beryllium taken that seriously.

"I was feeling alternatively nostalgic astir the WWE and I conscionable wanted to station the logo and immoderate radical took it arsenic I was returning immediately, which that's not the case," he  said. "But I haven't had my past lucifer and I can't hold to person my adjacent one."

The histrion played the relation of Jakob Toretto, the estranged member to Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto successful the "Fast & Furious 9". 

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