Karakoram Highway opened for all kinds of traffic: ISPR

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ISLAMABAD: After 3 days of efforts, the Karakoram Highway has been opened for each kinds of traffic, announced the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) successful a statement.

The military’s media helping said that the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) worked tirelessly time and nighttime to unfastened the highway.

“Despite atrocious upwind and hard conditions, FWO teams worked time and nighttime to unfastened the roadworthy for traffic,” said the ISPR.

The ISPR said that the road got blocked connected Tuesday owed to the rains successful Gilgit Baltistan and was closed astatine 20 points from Tatta Pani to Raikot.

A ample fig of tourists and locals had been stranded owed to the closure of the Karakoram Highway pursuing landslides successful Gilgit-Baltistan.

Heavy machinery was installed connected some sides of the Karakoram to wide the highway, but determination were difficulties successful rehabilitation enactment owed to landslides.

The GB Home Department had said enactment connected opening the blocked portions of the Karakoram Highway started aboriginal Thursday morning.

They said the Disaster Management Authority and the FWO worked time and nighttime to reconstruct the Gilgit-Astore Road and each kinds of postulation connected the road had been restored by Thursday afternoon.

The GB location section had earlier said the roadworthy volition beryllium reopened soon if determination is nary much rainfall oregon landslides, with FWO, NHA and territory officers overseeing rehabilitation enactment connected the spot.

Tourists were told to hold successful Chilas till the roads reopened.

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