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What is the Lead Management System and Why do you need it?

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What is the Lead Management System and Why do you need it?


What is the Lead Management System and Why do you need it? Regardless of size, sales leads are the lifeblood of any business. A potential customer is a potential customer who is interested in your solution but has not yet purchased it. When you start a new business for the first time, you start with some potential customers. As you begin to grow and expand, your sales team begins to gain more potential customers. In this way, your team can no longer manage the prospects properly and evenly, you cannot give them the attention they need, and things start to get into trouble.

What is lead management?

Lead management System is the process of continuously and evenly managing potential customers. But this is the old-fashioned method. The modern clue management process does more than manage clues. In fact, they directly affect sales by integrating sales and marketing. The new definition of lead management will be as follows. Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behaviors, qualifying, and interacting with them until they are ready to pass them to the sales executive who executes the quota.

Again, this sounds simple. However, in reality, clue management is complicated, especially when the number of clues is high. Let’s take a very simple new business example as an example to understand why we need lead management.

Why do we need lead management?

Companies can generate potential customers through multiple sources and channels (such as websites, advertisements, cold calls and emails, events, etc.). Today, when the generation of potential customers spans a variety of different methods, having an effective lead management system is essential. If you think a spreadsheet or a simple contact database is sufficient, then you think this is short-term. However, you are not alone. Many companies have difficulty converting prospects into customers because they cannot distinguish between hot and cold prospects (see also: Lead Rating: What Is This and Why Do You Need It). As a result, they eventually missed the opportunity. Implementing sales lead management allows you to centrally manage the process to manage sales lead information, score sales leads, maintain communication, and even continue to cultivate.

Lead management process

Step 1: Acquire potential customers

Companies generate potential customers through various online and offline resources (such as email, social media, webinars, paid advertising, trade shows, etc.). It is not feasible to manually add these clues to your CRM software, especially when the number is large. A good lead management system can ensure that each lead is automatically entered into the system from Web forms, emails, and chats to prevent the lead from falling into the crack. It also captures the source, so you know which marketing campaigns are effective and which are not.

Web forms in Archiz CRM allow you to create and customize forms based on business and brand requirements and then embed them into your website or email to capture potential customers with high intentions. The details complete in these forms will be automatically taken in your Archiz CRM without a line of code.

Regardless of the size of your business, you are likely to use email to contact customers, contact new customers, follow up consultations, etc. every day. Email clients (such as Gmail, Outlook) allow you to send and receive emails. They also allow you to include attachments, classify emails into folders, and search emails. Although an independent email client can be well used for communication purposes, it has insufficient advantages when compared with email management with CRM.

Archiz CRM integrates your email client into the Sales CRM software, allowing you to send and receive emails while managing all customer information in one place. Your email will be automatically linked to related contacts and grouped by conversation. You can also track emails, create templates and send bulk emails without leaving CRM.

In today’s sales, responding quickly to website visitors becomes more and more important. Because if you do not interact with them when you are not interested, they will most likely jump out of your website. Archiz ’Freshchat widget will notify you when incoming chat, so you can connect to visitors without leaving CRM. You can use assignment rules to assign chats to sales representatives or groups based on conditions to ensure that the correct chat is routed to the correct agent.

Step 2: Lead enrichment and tracking

After a potential customer enters the Archiz CRM sales cycle, the potential customer’s profile will automatically add publicly available information, such as their job title, company name, and social media information. This ensures that your sales team does not need to spend time and effort to conduct research and manually enter data.

By tracking your website visitors, you can intuitively understand what potential customers are looking at on your website, where they are in the purchase process and the likelihood of buying your service. Identifying potential customers ’purchase intentions can help you communicate better with them by providing you with the necessary background information. Archiz CRM will track the activities of potential customers on your website (pages visited, links clicked, downloaded resources, etc.) as well as product and email participation. These valuable insights about lead behavior enable sales representatives to understand their interests and personalize their sales efforts.

Step 3: Leadership qualification

An effective method for scoring prospects is through scoring prospects. Lead scoring is a method of ranking potential customers to determine their sales-readiness. Based on the potential customers’ interest in your products/services, their current position in the purchase cycle, and their fit with your business, the potential customers are scored extensively. Companies assign scores, implement rankings such as A, B, C, D, or use terms such as “hot”, “hot”, or “cold” to score leaders.

By transfer scores to leads based on the title of the lead, country/region, your performance on the website and product, and communication with email, your sales team will be able to quickly distinguish between qualified and unqualified leads. Using scores to limit prospects, sales representatives can devote their time to finding the right prospects for your business.

In Archiz CRM, you can customize lead scores through lead attributes and interaction (via email, in the app, and via the web). You can add points to potential customers who meet the role of a potential buyer to prioritize potential customers you should talk to. You can also subtract points from potential customers who do not meet your eligibility criteria, such as potential customers in locations you cannot reach. This can help you clear clues about wasting time.

Whenever potential customers interact with your business in some way (open emails, visit your website, etc.), their potential customer scores are updated. This gives you an in-depth understanding of their level of interest. Archiz CRM tracks weekly increases and declines in potential customer scores, as well as insights into factors that lead to scores. This information can help you effectively follow up on the activities of potential customers.

Step 4: Lead distribution

When your business is small, you fully understand the sales team, so it ’s easy to manually assign sales leads to the right sales representatives. But as the sales team grows and the number of potential customers increases, this outdated method will delay the response time of the potential customers. The sooner your sales representative contacts potential customers, the more likely they are to purchase products from you. Ideally, a good lead management system should have the ability to automatically assign leads to sales representatives based on specific set criteria. By assigning leads to the correct regions and sales representatives, your sales team can better prioritize leads.

With Archiz CRM, you can create rules-based systematic sales area management plans to organize teams, automatically assign lead rotation, assign phone numbers to areas, transfer calls to areas, restrict area access, and more.

Step 5: Cultivate lead

In an ideal world, every clue will turn into a paying customer. However, in reality, not all potential customers can sell. Many of them may still be in the research or recognition stage to determine whether your products/services can meet their needs. With the lead management process, you can send nurturing activities to these leads. You can educate and prove the value of your products/services by sending relevant content to sales leads, promotional offers, etc. to guide them to move forward in the decision-making process.

In Archiz CRM, you can use sales activities to create, send, and track these personalized training activities.

Benefits of lead management

Talk to the right clue

With lead management, you can focus on sellable leads to maximize sales opportunities.

Participation environment

When sales representatives get the necessary background support, they can interact meaningfully with the leads and improve the quality of the conversation.

Reduce response time

It ’s no secret that you need to be where your customers are. With a lead management system, you can contact potential customers via phone, email, or even chat, get instant information about their purchase intentions, and increase sales opportunities.

Increase productivity and maximize return on investment

A proper lead management system can help determine the priority of the right leads and assign them to the right sales representatives, and reduce the leakage of leads so that they can do what they do best-sales!

More responsible

The lead management software process helps to take responsibility at every step of the sales process. By generating the correct report, you can gain insight into the data, such as the area where the most leads are generated, the response time of each sales representative, etc.

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