10 Most Scary Diseases that Affect Humans

  • Health
  • April 16, 2019

Every disease has been a distress to the world that threatens every human being. It causes suffering, despair and pain to those who have it. Some illnesses may have resulted to lifetime torn or even death.

Hundreds of these scariest diseases are the worst ones. It’s worth to know these kinds of diseases and I bet you haven’t heard some of these frightening diseases before.

Below are the 10 most scary diseases that affect humans.


1 Noma – a.k.a. Cancrum oris

Face, genitals or mouth are the parts that are usually affected by Noma. It’s a type of gangrene that’s rapidly progressive. Prevotella intermedia and Fusobacterium necrophorum are two types of bacteria that cause the illness and most commonly seen in malnourished kids with ages two to five years old. This type of illness normally occurs in Asia and Africa but some cases have been documented in U.S.A. and Europe, too.

Eventually, Noma will result in facial abnormality. The bacteria contaminates the tissue encircling the mouth. Ulcers, thereafter, grow and the tissues that surround the cheeks and lip die – that later on leads to teeth loss and facial deformity.