5 Important Tips To Keep Your IoT Devices Secured

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  • April 19, 2019

Internet of Things, IoT is constantly making its way to our homes. More and more IoT devices are being released on a regular basis. These devices track our activities and collect a lot of personal data. We are even integrating IoT devices in the upcoming automated driving systems. All of these may sound fascinating to you but it also brings a lot of security challenges and risks.

The online threats have already increased too much. People are tired of hearing about phishing. ransomware, malware and other attacks. Now, if these IoT devices can be hacked, you can’t even imagine the ways your sensitive information could be misused. Even the camera or microphone can quickly turn into a bad dream.

Today, I will share some important tips that you can follow you keep your IoT devices secured and hence your privacy and security.


1 Check Safety Standards Before Buying an IoT Device

Earphones, smartphone accessories, gaming consoles, and other minimal gadgets are always ignored for safety and security. People usually consider them harmless stuff which can’t do anything wrong. But here, you should consider that they are connected to the network just like other devices, and could become a way to reach you.

Before purchasing any IoT device, whether it’s small or big, cheap or costly, just don’t forget to check the safety, security, and reputability of the device. Whether it is compliant with TLS/SSL and encryption standards? whether it has built-in PKI managed services? Whether they are following Internet Society Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) standard protocol? You should be able to answer all of these questions after buying the device. So, be prepared.