7 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown

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  • April 10, 2019

It might not be 'the Raw the night after', but this Tuesday's SmackDown was still a wrestling show very close to WrestleMania, and the most recent one at that. And therefore, the most relevant.

Unlike the tradition which often stimulates though regularly spoils the red brand's after-party, the SmackDown post 'Mania is a touch less febrile, with an audience dog tired at the end of an absolute squared-circle marathon across a frankly excessive five days.

By this point, the fatigue is evident even amongst the performers, as demonstrated by a relatively low-key Last Night of the Wrestling Proms less about fervent flag waving and more switching the gears down a notch as things return to normal.

As such, we got a SmackDown which, although it had its share of surprises and a few talking points for futurity's sake, was in itself a mundane, almost calming, comedown on the rest of the week's occurrences. There was the most basic of main event conceits - repeated earlier in the show - bookending a string of mostly inconsequential matches (with one exception) and a set of promos which didn't necessarily bode well for the blue brand's direction.

At least things started off brilliantly. None of it matters mind; the whole WWE world shakes up next week.


1 An Unnecessary Bar Fight

But for one night of the year - namely, this past Sunday - WWE generally insist on turning up the heat higher than an inexplicably disgruntled office building receptionist, and things were back to their toasty best just quarter of an hour into the post-WrestleMania SmackDown.

The whole arena was perfectly happy to bask in the resplendent glow of Kofi Kingston's championship celebrations, but of course we had to have an interruption. Just as they did last night, it was evil foreigners The Bar interloping everybody's enjoyment, and they were very loudly and quite rightly greeted with a vulgar invitation to sling their collective hooks.

Yes, we accept this chaleur-chasing is a necessary part of match-making - especially on a two hour show (and let's enjoy that whilst we can until Fox get their wishes). But couldn't WWE just let this feelgood moment breathe? For once?