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  • July 17, 2019

In the last dress of her, this Raees queen id wearing a waist spilt skirt and a crop top and she is looking the hottest of all! So, these are all the amazing and stunning kind of dresses that were worn by this beauty Mahira Khan in this photoshoot for OK Pakistan Magazine.There are countless charming women in Paris, Dubai, New York, London, Istanbul, Toronto, and Thailand. It is widely believed that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We cannot deny that different people have varying perspectives when it comes to defining the beauty. At the same time, it is also true that the society we live in keeps on looking for certain traits from the women to be able to name them beautiful and attractive.

 It is not possible to give the exact definition of beauty; from persons to persons, it varies. Some individuals adore the ladies with fair complexion and tall heights, while others consider black women with short heights to be prettiest.

Just like other countries of the world, Pakistan has many beautiful and gorgeous women. These belong to the fashion industry, television and movies, and other walks of life. They have managed to be successful, prominent, hot, and of course rich. We have rounded up the most beautiful Pakistani female models. These ladies have managed to win the hearts of countless people across Paris, New York, Istanbul, London, Toronto, Dubai, Thailand, and other parts of the world.


1 Mehreen Raheel

Raheel began modeling at the age of eight. During those days, she appeared in commercials of multiple brands. Now she is an ad model of Head and Shoulders, Pantene, Lipton, Telenor, PTCL, Ufone, and other companies. Not only this but also she spent some time in India as the ambassador of the Standard Chartered Fundraising Marathon. She even worked in Thailand to raise money for the education of poor children. She actively participates in charity works.

Mehreen Raheel

Mehreen Raheel