The Top 5 Dance Tracks Ever

  • Music
  • April 29, 2019

The deep lyrical meaning and artistic power of a song can be debated to no end. And while opinions may vary, there is one test for music that seems outright objective: does it make you dance? A good dance track-be it techno, house, or a top 40 remix-has the indelible quality of movement programmed into its rhythm. Don’t believe me? Listen to these five songs and see if you can keep still.


1 Right Here, Right Now (1999) by Fatboy Slim

This track is epic. So epic in fact that that the tune forced itself out of the dance club and worked its way into every action movie trailer ever, while also becoming the entrance song for a number of major sports teams including the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Premier League’s Manchester City. It’s easy enough to see why. This song captures a feeling of transcendent grandiosity that a lot of dance tracks aim for. Though none quite reach it like this one.