Top 10 Comedy Theater of Bollywood

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  • July 22, 2019

films are a top notch supply of enjoyment, endeavor and rest. And Comedy movies absolutely do justice to it. It no longer handiest affords entertainment however additionally enables us to preserve our health. Very rightly stated –“Laughter is the pleasant medicine” and what better than comedy films for laughter. Laughter is the maximum not unusual form of expression. Laughter is a effective antidote to pressure. Humor lightens the burden. Comedy movies play a full-size function in getting this common shape of expression on our face. Comedy movies broaden a brand new spirit, happiness and permit us to take a look at matters in a lighter way. It gives an possibility to examine humor in existence. Comedy films involve scenes which has an outburst of loopy moments onto which every person laughs at. Comedy films are brilliant temper-lifters. predominant emphasis of Comedy has constantly been humor. Bollywood history is rifed with comedian capers which have left an indelible influence on the minds of each person. Kudos to such directors. Hail Comedy! there is a long and a never-ending list of Comedy movies that have reached a exceptional level and etched inside the minds of people. Following are just few satisfactory Bollywood Comedy movies of all time :


1 Padosan

yr: 1968

Director: Jyoti Swaroop

cast: Kishor Kumar as Vidyapathi aka Guru; Saira Banu as Bindu; Sunil Dutt as Bhola; Mehmood as Masterji/grasp Pillai

The asset of this film is the way wherein it had affectionately tricked the sector. This film is one of the first-rate Bollywood comedy packed with tremendous performances and all-time hit songs. The film gave some of the famous hits of all times like “Mere Saamne Wali Khidki Mein”, and “ Ek chatur naar karke singar”. The story revolves across the aptly named Bhola and his lady-love Bindu. And matters he does so that it will impress her girl-love. In a delightful flip of events, there may be absolute madness, comedy and humour.