Top 10 Hottest Female Mixed Martial Artists

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  • June 17, 2019

Its difficult to make a list of top ten among so many beautiful women’s MMA, but we pick some of the best, our favorite ten Hottest Female Mixed Martial Artists who are dominating the sport and got some huge fan following. The list is lead by the UFC superstar “ROWDY” Ronda Rousey who currently busy in Hollywood, TV shows and other commercials. Well other’s who joined the top list are Miesha Tate, Kyra Gracie, Gina Carano, Paige VanZant and Michelle Waterson.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best, most beautiful women’s MMA fighters by rank and fame, but more especially by their physical characteristic defining hotness.


2 Kyra Gracie

Kyra Gracie is the niece of infamous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master Renzo Gracie. She is one of the few Gracie women to achieve a black belt in BJJ and is the first Gracie female to actively compete in the sport. Besides that, she’s practiced wrestling and judo, the leggy brunette shouldn’t have any trouble breaking into the world of competitive fighting, considering she’s placed first and second numerous times in world Jiu Jitsu championships.

Gracie draws a lot of similarities to UFC champ, Ronda Rousey, due to the fact that they both mastered one art (Rousey with Judo, Gracie with Jiu-Jitsu) and won at an international level before entering the sport of MMA.