Top 5 Best TV Shows Ever

  • TV Shows
  • April 5, 2019

In this golden age of television, from bingeable box-sets on Netflix to high-production value HBO originals, the small screen is full an equal of its big cinematic sibling. That’s why, in 2016, we asked you to vote for the best TV series of all time – and you replied in your droves. Here, in reverse order, are 50 Best TV Shows Ever.


1 Columbo

1968-78, 1989-2003

The beauty of Columbo, and a huge reason why it continues to be a staple on the afternoon TV schedules, 45 years after its debut, is that it took a different approach. Here was a cop show that wasn’t a whodunit – we know who the killer is from the off. It’s not even a whydunit. It’s a howhegonnagetem, as Columbo slowly, painstakingly pieces together his clues, ready for the big reveal at the end. It was a glorious subversion of everything we’d been conditioned to expect from cop shows. There are few greater joys in television than watching the seemingly absent-minded lieutenant run rings around a snooty killer who underestimated him from the very second they met.

Best Episode: Forgotten Lady (Season 5, Episode 1)