Top 6 Best TV Shows of 2019

  • TV Shows
  • April 18, 2019

Sure, we’re barely only three months into the year, but we’ve already seen some great TV shows hit our platforms of choice (digital, network, cable, what have you). While the year has a lot in store for us—from the return of our cable tentpoles to new series featuring more A-list actors ready for small-screen success—the first months of the year has delivered new series (and returning favorites) that have set the standard for the rest of the year. Here are the best TV shows of 2019 so far, so set aside time in your schedule to binge these series.


1 The Good Place

In a television landscape of high-concept ideas and cable budgets like you’ve never seen, The Good Place remains the half-hour-sitcom-that-could. Ending Season Three on a high note at the beginning of the year, the Michael Schur show feels like it’s firmly figured out how to chart its end game. The series also boasts a cast that is undoubtedly one of the strongest ensembles on television. The only shame is that the shortened seasons only leave us wanting more, which is the tried and true sign of a show that is telling a story well.