Where to find the perfect micronized wax for your industry

micronized wax

Where to find the perfect micronized wax for your industry

Where to find the perfect micronized wax for your industry. Micronized waxes are used in a variety of industries nowadays, including paint and ink. These products possess an inherent characteristic that can improve the quality of the end products. However, choosing a reliable supplier is essential to ensure that the wax is of good quality and can be used with complete peace of mind.

 Waxes are made by polymerizing ethylene or by using carbon monoxide. With a particle size of less than 10 micrometers, the linear and synthetic kinds of paraffin called micronized waxes can be made by processes like spray chilling or jet milling. These waxes are an upgrade over the earlier coarse wax powders made through the milling process and used to manufacture the liquid inks for printing.

Micronized waxes are used in a variety of industries and have many more applications nowadays. These may include paints, polymers, digital imaging, and cosmetics, among other kinds of industrial outputs and processes where the waxes play a crucial role in their manufacturing and other aspects. Hence the quality of the micronized wax can be quite essential, and you can only trust a reliable and reputed manufacturer or supplier for it. For instance, if the quality of the wax is not up to the mark, the resultant ink that is made using it will not have adequate rub resistance and can not control over-printability.  Below are some tips and ways to help you reach a leading supplier and to buy the best quality micronized wax for your industry so that your clients and customers are satisfied with your offering.

A Supplier Associated with Leading Industrial Chemical Producers

A leading and reputed supplier will associate with the best brands and will only offer you chemicals like micronized wax from credible and reliable manufacturers. For instance, you will be able to buy waxes manufactured from best companies like the Sasol and the Sasol wax Fischer Tropsh waxes having the spherical particles and a low-surface tension. These waxes can be used for manufacturing paints, inks, coatings, and varnishes of the high and requisite quality.

Certifications Ensure Reliability

A leading supplier of chemicals and industrial goods in India will possess the ISO 9001 certification and will possess specialization in distribution, marketing, and sourcing. The OHSAS certification is another vital certification in this regard, and you should try to know whether your supplier possesses it. The best suppliers will use the latest technologies like SAP3 to ensure expedited and reliable customer service. They may also be known internationally and may be ranked in the ICIS (Independent Commodity Intelligence Services) Top supplier list. Hence customers and client companies will not only get products of the highest quality but will also be satisfied with the allied distribution and post-purchase services.

Comprehensive Variety

A leading supplier will offer a variety of industrial chemicals and will be a one-stop destination for all the procurement needs of a company. A leading supplier will not only offer you micronized waxes but also provide a variety of products in categories including advanced chemicals, engineering products, gases, minerals, pigments, metals, paper, polymers, and waxes. Dealing with these more prominent and renowned players will help you make your multiple and repeated purchases at low and affordable costs.

Easy Availability

The use of technologies and extensive distributor networks of a leading supplier will ensure that you can get the micronized waxes of excellent quality at your doorsteps. They will offer your products in the right kind of packaging that also comply with the legal guidelines.

The best suppliers will have several satisfied clients across industries and would be providing the micronized waxes at affordable costs. You can, therefore, talk to a supplier to know more about the company’s present and previous clients. You can then contact these clients to understand how satisfied they were with the quality of the micronized waxes and overall company services.


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