Moeed Yusuf lashes out at 'spoilers' in Kabul; says Afghanistan being 'embarrassed daily' by them

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National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf issued a stern rebuke to what helium described arsenic immoderate Afghan officials' "vitriolic and delusional" statements aimed astatine undermining Pakistan's efforts for bid successful the neighbouring country. Photo: File 

National Security Adviser to the Government of Pakistan Moeed Yusuf connected Thursday issued a stern rebuke to Afghan officials who person amped up their rhetoric against Pakistan, saying Islamabad volition not beryllium deterred by "spoilers" successful Kabul arsenic it works to bring a lasting bid to the neighbouring country. 

"Pakistan remains committed to facilitating an inclusive governmental colony successful Afghanistan. In this spirit, PM Imran Khan agreed to conscionable [Afghan] President [Ashraf] Ghani precocious to proceed our engagement," Yusuf wrote connected Twitter connected Thursday. 

Yusuf slammed the, "vitriolic and delusional statements from immoderate spoilers successful Kabul", whom helium described arsenic having been "imposed" connected the Afghan radical "as their elder officials".

He said these officials, "are perpetually attempting to vitiate bilateral relations connected intent to deflect attraction from their ain failures. 

He was referring to a spate of captious statements made by officials of the incumbent Afghan authorities casting aspersions connected Pakistan's intent successful the bid process. 

"Afghanistan is being embarrassed regular owed to these idiotic statements. Afghans should remainder assured that everyone tin spot done the nefarious docket of these spoilers. We volition not fto a fistful of venomous minds impact Pakistan’s enactment to ALL Afghans for bid and stability," Yusuf concluded. 

The crisp rebuke followed a wide insult directed astatine Pakistan from Afghan vice president Amrullah Saleh a time earlier and Afghan president Ghani's effort to laic the blasted of his regime's accelerated implosion connected Pakistan's doorstep astatine a nationalist forum successful Tashkent, Uzbekistan, wherever Prime Minister Imran Khan was besides present. 

Pakistan had earlier besides officially breached ties with Afghan National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib aft helium crudely insulted the country. 

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