New film on Amy Winehouse recalls her battle with drug addiction

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Amy Winehouses parent  shares her mentation    of events successful  the documentary which volition  aerial  connected  Friday Amy Winehouse's parent shares her mentation of events successful the documentary which volition aerial connected Friday

Amy Winehouse’s household and friends look backmost connected her beingness successful a caller documentary marking 10 years since the singer’s death, with harrowing accounts of her emergence to planetary fame and struggles with addiction.

Narrated by her parent Janis Winehouse-Collins, Reclaiming Amy features location footage, household pictures and interviews with adjacent friends who callback the six-time Grammy Award winner’s happier arsenic good arsenic darker times.

Winehouse-Collins, who has aggregate sclerosis (MS), has seldom spoken astir her girl publically but shares her mentation of events successful the documentary, which was commissioned by Britain’s BBC Two and BBC Music and volition aerial connected Friday.

“It’s lone looking backmost present that I realise however small we understood,” Winehouse-Collins says successful the film. “She was prone to addiction, she could not halt herself. It’s a precise cruel beast.”

Winehouse, who struggled with portion and cause problems done overmuch of her career, died from intoxicant poisoning astatine her northbound London location connected July 23, 2011. She was 27.

Considered 1 of the astir talented singers of her procreation with hits including Rehab and Back to Black, her untimely decease shook the euphony world.

“I look backmost and there’s tons of things I privation I would person done differently,” says her begetter Mitch Winehouse, who has faced disapproval successful the media implicit the singer’s struggles.

“You couldn’t archer her to bash thing oregon not bash thing ... cipher controlled Amy. Amy was the governor.”

The documentary, which addresses Winehouse’s relationships, bulimia and intelligence wellness issues, details her household and friends’ powerless attempts to assistance her.

“Behind closed doors, we were each trying to woody with the powerfulness of her addiction,” says Winehouse-Collins. “As her wellness got worse, my MS progressed. I couldn’t assistance her.”

In happier moments, Winehouse-Collins reads her daughter’s schoolhouse study cards, which noted her emotion of performing.

“Even erstwhile she’s not here, she’s here,” Winehouse-Collins says arsenic she visits her daughter’s gravestone. “Always 1 to ticker implicit me.” - Reuters

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