Noor Mukadam murder: PM has asked IGP to 'make no concessions' in probe, Shahbaz Gill says

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Noor Mukadam. — Photo via societal  media Noor Mukadam. — Photo via societal media

Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the Inspector General of Police for Islamabad Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman "not to marque immoderate concessions" portion probing the execution of Noor Mukadam, the girl of erstwhile Pakistani diplomat Shaukat Mukadam.

This was shared by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister connected Political Communication Shahbaz Gill connected Friday.

Noor, 27, was murdered successful the national superior connected Tuesday, successful the city's F-7 area, according to police.

The gruesome incidental has sparked a nationwide run seeking justness for her, with #JusticeforNoor becoming a apical inclination connected Twitter.

Shaukat Mukadam served arsenic Pakistan's ambassador to South Korea and Kazakhstan.

Zahir Zakir Jaffer, the lad of a Karachi-based concern tycoon, has been arrested and booked for allegedly murdering the young woman.

Gill said that the premier curate is "personally monitoring" the lawsuit and has asked the IGP for a report.

"The premier curate has ordered that justness beryllium provided to Noor Mukadam's family," the adjutant said.

"We each person daughters. I would similar to inquire the Opposition to basal agreed with america connected this front," helium added.

He requested the courts to "meet each the requirements of the law" and for the authorities to analyse the transgression "on merit".

Gill besides spoke of Noor's mother, whom helium quoted arsenic saying that her girl was a "soft-hearted girl" who had been "brutally tortured".

He said that had the constabulary been timely alerted to the killer's actions, "then possibly her beingness could person been saved".

The premier's adjutant said that arsenic the probe proceeds and things go clearer, "the facts of the lawsuit volition beryllium shared with the nation".

He said that "Noor tin ne'er beryllium brought back, but what tin beryllium done is justice".

Gill said that too the premier curate being personally invested successful the result of the investigation, Minister for Interior Shaikh Rasheed and Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari are besides successful interaction with the constabulary and seeking updates disconnected and on.

"We volition not beryllium sharing immoderate details until the constabulary implicit their investigation," helium said.

"Please springiness immoderate clip to the constabulary to implicit their probe. Rest assured, justness volition beryllium done," the adjutant said.

'Not a idiosyncratic with intelligence disability'

Earlier, Noor's father, addressed a property league and thanked the premier minister, Gill and Mazari for taking idiosyncratic involvement successful the case.

"This is not a lawsuit wherever the fishy escaped. He was caught and caught with a weapon," Mukadam said.

He said that Jaffer is "not a idiosyncratic with a intelligence disability".

"If specified a idiosyncratic was employed arsenic the manager of a company, past his parents, too, indispensable beryllium made portion of the investigation," Mukadam said.

"My girl was a precise saccharine and kind-hearted girl. Our household has been crying severely since yesterday," helium said.

Mukadam said that helium has served the state arsenic an ambassador and lone seeks justice.

"This is simply a clear-cut case. The slayer is lasting close earlier us," helium said.

The erstwhile diplomat said that the execution was "witnessed by the gate-keeper" of the house.

Suspect's sanction to beryllium added to ECL

Meanwhile, the IGP, pursuing a gathering with the probe squad astatine the Central Police Office, directed it to attack the acrophobic agencies to adhd sanction of the fishy to the Exit Control List (ECL).

The constabulary main besides directed the squad to get his transgression history, if any, from England and the United States.

The gathering was attended by DIG Operation Afzaal Ahmad Kausar, SSP Operation Dr Syed Mustafa Tanveer, SSP Investigation Ata-ur-Rehman, SP City Zone Rana Abdul Wahab, and ASP Kohsar Amna Baig, among different officers.

Briefing the IGP Islamabad astir the advancement of the case, the caput of the probe team, SSP Investigation Ata-ur-Rehman, said that the statements of the victim's parents, and the suspect's father, too 2 information guards, person been recorded.

A forensic squad has besides provided grounds aft their investigation, the constabulary main was told.

The IGP said that each the grounds obtained from the incidental "should beryllium forensic", adding that the Therapy Works squad should beryllium approached arsenic portion of the probe.

It bears mentioning that Therapy Works is simply a cause rehabilitation centre wherever Jaffer is believed to person sought treatment.

Expressing restitution implicit the probe frankincense far, the IGP said that each the requirements of justness should beryllium fulfilled and nary unit oregon proposal should beryllium taken into relationship truthful that the culprit is awarded exemplary punishment.

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