Bollywood Bold Actress

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  • August 9, 2019

Bollywood actresses have been marking the benchmarks worldwide for their performances as actors, matching head to head with the male superstars. Even though India is accustomed to seeing the actresses in a certain way, known as typical “Bhartiya naari”, however Indian divas have been blowing away the media with their hotness from red carpet, to fashion magazine covers, to no makeup pictures , the sexiness quotient have been going higher and higher by our desi girls.  Beating the Hollywood beauties with their killer looks, here are the few pictures that took the nation by the storm with their glamour, rightfully attaining their bold and beautiful badge in the industry.


1 Esha Gupta

Resembling one the hottest woman in the glamour world, Angeline Jolie; Esha Gupta ’s naughty and sensual sight have heated up the Instagram; leaving her fans to drool all over social media. The actress may not have excelled in the acting department like other leading females, but her looks are definitely giving her the fame that she deserved.