Learn ten famous Qiraat styles with professional scholars ofIlmul Quran Online Academy

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Learn ten famous Qiraat styles with professional scholars ofIlmul Quran Online Academy

Learn ten famous Qiraat styles with professional scholars ofIlmul QuranofIlmul Quran Online Academy. The scared book of the Quran was revealed upon Muhammad S.A.W in the holy month of Ramadan. It shows us the path of guidance. Zikir is the best Ibadah. You get inner peace and tranquility after the recitation of the Quran. When you recite it in a good voice; however, you deeply fall in love with this book. It takes you closer to Allah. There are different recitation styles. Usually, Hafs and Asim are two popular Qiraat styles. The most authentic reasonsfor widespread prevalence of these two styles are authentication, chain of successful narrators, and ease to recite. I highly encourage learning the ten Qiraat rules from Ilmul Quran Online Academy to recite the Quran in a beautiful tone.

What is meant by ten Qiraat styles?

The word Qiraat refers to the recitation or reading of the Quran. There are ten authentic linguistic schools of thoughts approved by Muslim scholars. The authentication of each Qiraat style depends upon the number of narrators and the chain of transmission. There are some variations in each recitation style. The differences are based on vowels, letters, articulation points, or stop points.

The famous online ten Qiraat courses include Naafi’ Al-Madani, Ibn Katheer Al-Makki, Abu Amr Al-Basri, Ibn Aamir Ash-Shami, Asim al-Kufi, Hamzah Al-Kufi, Al-Kisaa’I, Abu Ja’far Al-Madanee, Yaqub ibn Al-Basri, and Khalaf. Muhammad S.A.W established the ten Qiraat styles as directed by HazratJibraeel A.S. All the Muslims have been following those pronunciation, intonation, and caesuras for many centuries. The ten famous Qaari of the Quran were notable during the second and third centuries of Islam. They were present in Mecca, Medina, Damascus, Basra, and Kofa.

Which criteria make a Qiraat style acceptable?

All ten Qiraat styles are accepted. However, the criteria for selecting any authorized Qiraat style are dependent upon these three points:

  1. Consistency of Qiraat style according to Arabic rules
  2. Authentication of Qiraat style based on its chain of transmission
  3. Confirmation of each Qiraat style according to the origin

Many Qiraat styles have abrogated because they have not achievedthe authentication level or they face irregularities.

Role of online Quran teaching academies:

The online Quran academies such as Ilmul Quran Online Academy is helping thousands of Muslims across the world to seek knowledge and guidance. It does not matter in which state you live in. The online Quran teachers are available everywhere anytime. Here is a list of benefits you will get after consulting a good online Quran teaching academy.

  • You can take classes from home via Skype. During one-on-one video sessions, the teachers focus on individual students to identify their weak points. It will help you to achieve your milestone quickly.
  • You can learn the online ten Qiraat courses with expert scholars from Egypt in your preferred style. The teachers use interactive teaching methods and provide relevant study material to strengthen the concepts of students.
  • The online Quran teaching academies are affordable and secure for learners of every age group. The flexibility of timings gives you freedom from a tight schedule and going to mosques.


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