Pakistan rubbishes India’s MEA remarks about Afghan envoy's daughter episode

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Unfortunate that New Delhi utilized specified an incidental to peddle mendacious communicative against Islamabad, says FO spokesperson

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Foreign Office Spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri. PHOTO: APP/FILE

Pakistan connected Thursday denounced the "gratuitous and unwarranted" remarks by the Spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) astir the caller incidental involving the girl of Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah Alikhil and urged New Delhi to refrain from its smear propaganda campaign.

Selsela Alikhil, the girl of Afghanistan's envoy, was allegedly kidnapped connected Saturday and held for respective hours by chartless assailants who near her with injuries and enactment marks.

Prime Minister Imran Khan directed Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed to utilise each resources to apprehend the radical progressive successful kidnapping wrong 48 hours.

A time later, Afghanistan decided to retreat its ambassador and elder diplomats from Pakistan, a determination that Islamabad termed arsenic "unfortunate and regrettable".

On Thursday, India described the abduction arsenic a “very shocking” incidental and said Pakistan is “stooping to a caller low” with its denial of the victim’s account.

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“India has nary locus standi, whatsoever, connected the matter,” Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said portion responding to media queries regarding the remarks made by the Spokesperson of Indian MEA astir the incident.

He said that India’s malicious smear run against Pakistan is well-known and autarkic organisations including EU DisinfoLab had established India’s credentials arsenic a purveyor of anti-Pakistan propaganda globally.

Even successful the aftermath of the reported incidental involving the girl of the Afghan ambassador, the FO spokesperson said that Indian propaganda machinery against Pakistan was progressive and fake pictures of the ambassador’s girl were being circulated by Indian Twitter handles and websites.

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“It is unfortunate that India utilized specified an incidental to peddle mendacious communicative against Pakistan,” helium added.

The spokesperson said that the lone domains wherever India had acceptable standards were state-sponsored terrorism, amerciable occupation, disregard of UN resolutions, wide murders and repression against women successful the territory nether its amerciable occupation, governmental unit against minorities, and moving organised fake propaganda networks astir the world; and was, therefore, successful nary presumption to pontificate connected "standards" for different countries.

“While calling upon India to refrain from its smear propaganda run against Pakistan, we stay determined to propulsion backmost against unabated Indian machinations and besides to gully attraction towards India’s relation of a spoiler successful the ongoing Afghan bid process,” helium maintained.

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