Playing iPhone will cause addiction

Playing iPhone will cause addiction

Playing iPhone will cause addiction

Playing iPhone will cause addiction. A survey, conducted by researchers at Stanford University, releases that the smart phone iPhone can be addictive.

In this survey, 200 students using iPhone are selected, and 70 percent of them claimed that they held iPhone for less than one year. Most of them admitted that they would be at a loss without the smart iPhone.

In more detail, some 85 percent of respondents usually treat a mobile phone as a watch, 89% as an alarm clock; 75 percent of the selected students put the iPhone beside the bed when sleeping; and according to 69 percent of them, their purses rather than iPhone are more likely to be forgotten when going out in the mornings.

As required by the researchers, the respondents assessed their degree of dependence on iPhone by scoring 1 to 5 points. One point stands for total non-addictive, while 5 points represents being addicted thoroughly.

The result is that 10% admitted their total addiction; 34% scored 4 points, and only 6% considered themselves not addicted to iPhone. Among the scores from 1 to 4 , 34% predicted their complete addiction someday in the future.

“The most conspicuous thing of this investigation is how people think about their iPhones,” said Tanya Luehrmann, anthropology professor at Stanford University, who supervised this investigation, “it’s not only a simple object, but also the extension of the users’ brain and means of social life because of its massive storage of personal information.” Is addition to electronic products harmful to health? Experts hold different views, some treat it as a symptom of psychological disorder, some think it not a big deal.

Here are results of two small surveys concerning iPhone:

Survey 1: the degree of dependence on iPhone:
30% believed that iPhone is the gateway to the world;
A quarter thought that iphone had a dangerous temptation;
41% held that it would be a tragedy to lose iPhone.

Survey 2: whether or not to personify iPhone?
3% claimed their iPhone were not allowed to touch by others;
3% named their iPhones;
9% felt like patting iPhones;
8% felt that their iPods envied their iPhones sometimes.


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