Popular Hairstyles For Medium Hair For Girls

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Many of the girls of old age already want to be beautiful and unique. They are happy to change their image, transform, create new hairstyles and trendy hairstyles for girls. Many of them spend a lot of time in front of a mirror finding their own style, trying to impress classmates and friends.


Hairstyles for young women are as varied as it is for adults. They can be made from curls of any length, but are especially popular medium hairstyles for girls.


Favorite embellishment young most beloved can consider different tails. Many girls love to do ponytails with rubber bands, bows, barrettes. To diversify the traditional version, that must be slightly changed. This can be done in several ways, for example, instead of doing a habitual high-tail that on its side, it is possible to braid a tail moving air or braid, and make flagella or turn the curl. You can also create a normal tail, make a rubber band from your own hair or bangs braid over braid-rim. two showers can be made with a variety of partitions. It can be separated in the middle, zig saw, diagonal, and wavy. To create a more festive variation hairstyles for medium hair for girls curl big hair and decorate their elegant Barrette or a flower.


Especially popular among the girls enjoying pigtails. At the tip of the spit has numerous variety of hairstyles. Hairstyles for girls 10 years old can’t be proposed without the spike lets, which can be in three versions:

  1. Direct weaving;
  2. Reverse weaving (French braid);
  3. Reverse braiding hair on the edge of the (Greek Spit).



Girls who are straight from nature here dream of curls, curly but, just the opposite, try to straighten them. Big curls, especially popular this year, allow you to set a variety of Greek-style ways on the side with a massive clasp or using colors, with a bandage or satin ribbon, with the edge of his own hair.

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