Prince Harry preparing to unleash storm on royal family with memoir

1 month ago 22
Memoir announcement has analyzable matters for the family, and is simply a precise worrying development

Prince Harry is not done dissing the royal household conscionable yet. The Duke of Sussex is present gearing up to merchandise his ain publication centred astir his exit from the royal family.

According to experts, Harry's publication tin make catastrophe for the monarchy. Royal writer Richard Fitzwilliams has claimed the tome could beryllium 'a lever' to usage against his household and has the imaginable to beryllium 'dynamite.'

"They person gone rogue. It is simply a fact. It’s incredibly worrying due to the fact that they are truthful wholly unpredictable. Anything is possible," helium told the Sun.

Fitzwilliam added that the memoir announcement has "complicated matters" for the family, and "that successful itself is simply a precise worrying development."

Referring to Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee adjacent year, helium said: "It volition bent implicit each events. Nothing should detract from what is happening during the commemoration of the monarch's service.

"To bash this now, to bash thing that is arguable during the Jubilee, is conscionable extraordinary."

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