Professional Development For Productive Teaching

Professional Development For Productive Teaching

Professional Development For Productive Teaching

Professional Development For Productive Teaching. Teaching is probably one of the hardest professions known to humankind. Why is this?

Simply because a teacher is going to be responsible in shaping the minds of little kids, and these little kids will grow on to become adults, to become professionals, to either become responsible or irresponsible citizens of society. It is not surprising if most of us will have one anecdote about at least one of our former teachers and professors when we were younger.

These anecdotes can either be happy or sad, inspirational or traumatizing. However the case may be and given the important roles that teachers play in the lives of almost all of us, it is very important that we are educated by teachers who are professionals and who stop at nothing to improve themselves.

A teacher may find himself asking: is developing your professional skills hard? We say no, and we give you below some tips on how to develop your professional skills so you can be a productive and better teacher:

Professional Development For Productive Teaching


In the natural course of our professional careers, we sometimes get lost and lose focus on what we really want.

On a daily basis, we get a whole lot of stimuli on different fronts that sometimes, we lose track of what our main goal is or should be. Two good things to ask ourselves are these: “what do I really want?” and “what am I really passionate about”? In setting a goal, it is important to take into consideration the available resources and what the current necessity is.

Is what you want something that is necessary and will be functional to your current professional environment? Is it and will it be aligned to the mission, vision, and objectives of your institution? These questions, among other things, can help you get started on setting a goal and then help you focus on it as you thread through your journey of professional development.


The ability to be open to criticism, the constructive ones at least, does not make a professional weak. If anything, this openness makes them even stronger in a sense that they’re willing to accept whatever it is that they’ve done wrong so that during the next turn, they can do better.

Acknowledging that something needs to be changed is always the first step in making something right. Aren’t we all, at least at some point in our lives, guilty of being stubborn and close-minded sometimes?

While this is normal, openness should always be the goal as this will not only help you in developing your professionals, it will also help you set a good example. Isn’t it better to practice what you preach? Students, and people in general, will most likely find it easier to follow you and if they know you could walk the talk.


We are familiar with the saying “no man is an island”, right? As much as this is true in our personal and social lives, it is also true in professional development. No one person has a monopoly of knowledge in any particular subject or area, no matter how good they are and no matter how many specializations and degrees they have already taken in the past.

The willingness to collaborate with other people is one sure-fire way of developing your professional skills. This is because as you will not be limited to the knowledge and skillsets that you already have, you will also know and get to learn from contributions of people who may be able to contribute other information you are not yet aware of.

Collaboration, whether through a project or a study, or any other activity that will help you and fellow collaborators grow and learn from each other is also good to foster camaraderie among colleagues. Meaningful professional relationships may be essential in your professional development in a way that there are like-minded people who are with you on this journey and would be happy to see you succeed in your chosen path. Also, don’t teachers always tell students that “it’s more fun to share”?


Basically, we can’t give what we don’t have. We can’t teach what we don’t know and no matter how good we think we already are in our craft, it will be difficult to influence others to believe in something that we ourselves don’t subscribe to. Being an expert in a field that we already know is good, but at some point as human beings, we also crave something new and something fresh.

This may not necessarily be something as major as our current field, but it’s a way to challenge us and make us think outside the box.

Professional development is something that is important to most professions and it is just as crucial for teachers. They influence a whole generation of thinkers and doers and if we want a better society in the future, we can start with the people they learn from.


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