Know the Different Types of Refrigerators and Differences Among Them

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Know the Different Types of Refrigerators and Differences Among Them

Know the Different Types of Refrigerators and Differences Among Them. If you were looking to bring home the best refrigerator in India, then you may come across multiple types available.

But you may be unaware, which is the best one to suit your needs and differences, which may impact your decision.

Hence, here is a post that will shed some insights on types of refrigerators and more so that you may buy the best!

In India, you have basically three variants of refrigerators such as a single door, double door, and a triple door fridge. Based on your preferences, the number of occupants in your family, and the budget, you should consider buying one.

  • Single door refrigerators

As the name suggests, a single door refrigerator comes with a single door, and it does not have an extra door for the freezer, unlike in a double door fridge. A single door refrigerator is considered the best thing if you are a couple or a small family. The capacity (measured in liters) of a single door refrigerator is between 50 liters to 200+ liters. The overall power consumption of a single door refrigerator is much lower than that of a double door best refrigerator in India. So you can buy single door refrigerators if you want some power saving.

It also takes less amount of space to be installed. It is loaded with Direct Cool Technology with natural convection and hence; you can continue enjoying the power-efficient performance. Since it only comes with a single door, the temperature of the fridge may be up due to the constant opening and closing of doors. A single door fridge is still in the most preferred in India, and you will find it in most of the households. The price of a single door fridge in India starts at around Rs.10,000-11,000.

  • Double Door fridges

A double door refrigerator, as the name suggests, is a type of fridge that comes with two doors – one that is common and one for directly accessing the freezer. A double door fridge is the best type that you can go for if you have 3-5 members in your family. The capacity of a double door fridge is between 235 liters to 495-500 liters. Since it’s a double door fridge with capacity, it is obvious that it will account for more power consumption. But still, by buying a fridge with 4-5 BEE Star ratings, you can save up to 55% on electricity bills.

Compared to the small freezer in a single door variant, you get a spacious freezer to accommodate more items in a double door one if you buy a double door refrigerator because if you are talking about the prices of some of the best brands refrigerators like the Whirlpool refrigerator price then you will find that it is more affordable in comparison to other brands. But it also takes more area to be installed owing to being bulky. It comes with frost-free technology so that you don’t need to bother about pressing the defrost button like in a single door fridge. The price of a double door refrigerator in India starts at around Rs.20,000.

  • Side by side refrigerator

A side by side refrigerator is one that has its doors on the side and is a nice alternative for large to very large families. They have a classic feel and elevate the overall look of your kitchen. You can access refrigerator and freezer sections conveniently without issues as it has vertical compartments. The fridge also gives you more freezer space, freezer shelving, door storage, and hassle-free access for kids. The liters capacity of it is from 500 liters to 700 liters. If you want to give a classic look to your kitchen and have a large to very large family needs to cater, then a side by side fridge is what you can go with.

The price of a side by side refrigerator begins in India at around Rs.42,000. Other than these fridge types, you can also go for a triple door fridge, which is good for medium families with a capacity of 250-330 liters and starts at around Rs.25,000.

Thus, based on your family needs, space in the house, and the budget, you can pick a type of fridge this summer and have a great time ahead!

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