Russia to hold central asia army drills near afghan border

2 months ago 14

Russia said Monday it volition signifier subject drills adjacent period with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan adjacent the borderline with Afghanistan wherever the Taliban has led a lightning violative against authorities troops.

The insurgents person capitalised connected the withdrawal of overseas troops to motorboat a bid of offensives crossed the country.

Afghan authorities troops and refugees person successful caller weeks crossed into Tajikistan, fleeing Taliban advances.

The associated drills volition instrumentality spot August 5-10 astatine the Kharbmaidon grooming crushed successful Tajikistan adjacent the Afghan border, the Russian defence ministry said successful a statement.

Alexander Lapin, commandant of the Central Military District, said that the troops volition tally drills to decision "illegal equipped units that invaded the territory of an allied country".

Troops from a Russian subject basal successful Tajikistan and the Central Military District volition instrumentality portion successful the games, the defence ministry said.

The Taliban is present believed to power astir fractional of Afghanistan's 400 districts, respective borderline crossings, and has laid siege to a drawstring of provincial capitals.

More than a twelve diplomatic missions successful Afghanistan called Monday for "an urgent end" to the Taliban's ruthless subject offensive, saying it was astatine likelihood with claims they privation a negotiated settlement to extremity the conflict.

Russia has said the United States failed its ngo successful Afghanistan, and blamed the withdrawal of overseas forces for the war-torn country's rapidly deteriorating stability.

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