Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

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Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood


Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood. An exciting plot and deep meaning, no endless dances, fake fights and blood feud – Lifehacker selected the best Indian films.

My name is khan

India, 2010.
Duration: 155 minutes.
IMDb: 8.0.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

Touching to goosebumps and a lump in the throat, the story of a Muslim Indian named Rizvan Khan. He has Asperger syndrome, any social interaction for him is torture. But he falls in love with Mandira and does everything to achieve reciprocity, and when their relationship breaks, he embarks on an incredible journey through America.

Due to the similarity of the plot and the characters of the main characters, the film is often compared with Forrest Gump. However, the picture of Karan Johar has its own zest, since it raises important socio-political problems of our time.


Lunch Box

Drama, melodrama.
India, France, Germany, 2013.
Duration: 104 minutes.
IMDb: 7.8.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

A film that does not fit into the stereotypes about Indian cinema. A lone accountant, who is about to be retired, has a correspondence with a married, but no less lonely woman. Correspondence through lunchboxes! Their romance will not be continued, but will help everyone change their lives.

Despite the straightforwardness of the plot, the film collected several national awards and won an audience prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

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Bajrangi Bhaijan

Action, drama.
India, 2015.
Duration: 163 minutes.
IMDb: 8.5.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

A film that instills faith in people and the victory of good over evil. In the story, a dumb Pakistani girl ended up in India. Badzhrangi decided to take the poor man home, although he perfectly understood that the task was not an easy one and in a hostile country, many trials awaited them.

The picture is very dynamic, with excellent acting and camera work – it looks in one breath.


3 idiots

Drama, comedy.
India, 2009.
Duration: 170 minutes.
IMDb: 8.4.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

The film is about true friendship, about how important it is not to cheat on yourself and follow your dream. Two friends go in search of a third, whom they met back in college. In parallel with traveling around the country, a journey through memories takes place.

The picture was not without songs, dances and hyperbolism in the best traditions of Bollywood, but watching still leaves a pleasant feeling of inspiration. “3 idiots” received many awards and occupy 96th position in the list of “250 best films according to IMDb”.


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Fiction, drama, comedy.
India, 2014.
Duration: 153 minutes.
IMDb: 8.2.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

A film from the director of “3 Idiots” Rajkumar Hirani with a very similar style. The main role was played by the same actor – Aamir Khan. Only now is it a science fiction comedy.

Alien PiKey flies to Earth to study life on our planet. He asks everyone uncomfortable questions and is taken aback by his childish immediacy. The picture could be considered just a sweet comedy, if not for morality: people should not defend God, especially through terrorist attacks.

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Taare Zameen Par

Fiction, drama, comedy.
India, 2007
Duration: 165 minutes.
IMDb: 8.5.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

In this film, Aamir Khan not only played a major role, but also acted as a director and producer.

This is the story of eight-year-old Ishan Avasti, who noticeably lags behind in development from peers. The father sends the boy to a boarding school, where he would have undoubtedly died if it were not for the drawing teacher Ram Nikum. The film sparkles with light and kindness and allows you to understand a lot about education, self-expression and mercy.



Drama, biography, sport.
India, 2016.
Duration: 161 minutes.
IMDb: 8.6.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

Another great acting and production work by Aamir Khan. He played the real-life athlete Mahavir Singh Phogat. Due to poverty, Phogat was forced to give up the fight. He dreamed of a son, from whom he would make a champion, but he had four daughters. The man almost despaired until he suddenly noticed what kind of lively girls he had – they didn’t give anyone a descent and even beat local hooligans. Phogat began to train daughters and made them champions!

The picture collected several national awards and became the leader of Indian and Chinese hire in 2017.



Drama, comedy, adventure.
India, 2012.
Duration: 131 minutes.
IMDb: 8.1.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

Director Anurag Basu told the love story of the deaf-mate guy Barfi and the girl Shruti. They sincerely and seriously fell in love with each other, but in the eyes of the public such a strange couple has no right to the future.

This film is often accused of “copy-paste”: that the scenes and plot are copied from Hollywood melodramas . But people continue to watch the film and admire its kindness and sensuality.

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Kal Ho Na Ho

Drama, romance, comedy.
India, 2003.
Duration: 186 minutes.
IMDb: 8.0.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

The plot focuses on the fate of 23-year-old Neyna Kapoor. The girl is young and beautiful, but deeply unhappy. Her father committed suicide, and the family was mired in squabbles and financial problems. The appearance in her life of cheerful Aman and Rohit helps to understand: you need to live and be happy, no matter what. You never know if tomorrow will come.

The film is imbued with philosophy and does not leave indifferent even those who cannot stand melodramas to the spirit.

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Delhi Belly

Drama, comedy, crime.
India 2011
Duration: 103 minutes.
IMDb: 7.6.

Ten Best Hindi Movies Compared to Hollywood

It would be Vegas Hangover if it weren’t for the amazing Indian flavor. Dynamics, acting and soundtrack make you watch without stopping. Each absurdity in the plot gives rise to a chain of new absurdities, which ultimately lead to a happy end.

If you like the theater of the absurd, you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the noisy unwashed Delhi and get a healthy portion of endorphin, be sure to watch this movie. Just do not drink orange juice!

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