The 15 Healthiest Foods On The planet

The 15 Healthiest Foods On The planet

The 15 Healthiest Foods On The planet

The 15 Healthiest Foods On The planet. In a world full of processed food and junk food, we find it almost impossible to eat healthy food. With the recent trend of healthy eating and workout, the pressure is on everyone who is living an unhealthy lifestyle.  When we enter a supermarket with the attention to buy grocery, most of us can’t control ourselves while passing through a shelve full of chips and chocolates.  If you are going through the same dilemma of choosing between taste and health you are at the right place. Here is a list of healthiest food on the planet that is tasty and healthy at the same time. This will help you understand the essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for your body.


One of the healthiest food on our list is spinach, on every other food blogger post you can easily find the recipes to use spinach in your food. Spinach contains vitamin K, vitamin A, fiber, and folate. You can add it to your salad which is one of the best ways to use it in your food but if you don’t like the taste just add it in a smoothie with frozen fruits and some juice. This is best for breakfast especially if you are running late.


Second healthiest food on our list is nuts, there is more than one type of nut which makes it easy to choose from. The best part about this is it contains omega 3, essential oils, fiber and it tastes good. You can just eat it as a snack or you can add it to your smoothie.


Third on our list is one of the most highly used fruit globally. If you have never tried avocado toast or never posted a picture of avocado toast on your Instagram you must have seen someone else post it online. As much as it is beautiful and tasty it is equally healthy. It contains vitamin B6, good fats, and folate. You can make whatever you want with it, add it to a smoothie, spread it on a toast or even use it in a salad.


Every gym freak knows the importance of eggs, they are good for muscle development and this is the reason it is number four on our list. It is full of protein, vitamin B2, amino acid, riboflavin, good cholesterol and vitamin B12. You can prepare anything from the egg, it has no limit from a starter to the main course and even a desert, and you can prepare anything from it.

Dark chocolate

If you can’t control yourself when you walk through the chocolate shelf with your trolley, this is defiantly good news for you. Chocolate contains antioxidants, it helps to cleanse the body as well as prevent heart condition. It helps in the production of dopamine that is a happy hormone so, it is perfect for mental health and depression. When it comes to chocolate the options are endless, you can make the chocolate shake, cakes but the healthiest option is to add a chunk in your smoothie.


There is nothing better than berry pulp in your smoothie in the morning, it is perfect for taste and healthy and this is the reason we have raspberries in our list. It contains antioxidant that helps to cleanse your body and keep it healthy. You can add it to your smoothie or eat it fresh out of basket but the best option is to freeze it, you can even make pop Stickles which are perfect for kids in summer.

Black beans

Black beans are perfect if you are vegetarian and you want a protein source. They are high in protein and fiber, keep you full for the day making it easy for you to stay at work rather than craving food. You can add it to your salad, burrito, taco or even just a tortilla wrap with some sauce.


If you like meat and you are tired of chicken, fish is perfect for you. It has better taste and it is far healthier, it contains omega 3, fatty acids and protein. The soft texture is perfect as an alternative of the stake and even in pasta, burger, sandwich or egg as an alternative to sausages or chicken.


You must have heard your mother saying eat your broccoli, it is one of the healthiest vegetables you can have. It contains fiber, calcium, potassium, folate and vitamin C. you can add it to anything you want, just stir fry it with a brush of oil and you can serve it with anything you want. From mash potatoes to creamy pasta you can use eat it with anything; you can even add it to your salad or just eat it as a side dish.


The famous saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is perfect because Apple got it all, from vitamins to fiber. It helps in keeping the gut healthy, reduce the aging process and keep the skin and body healthy. You can use it any way you like, make juice, add to a salad or make a smoothie just the way you like.


Kale is perfect if you want to make a green smoothie, it contains fiber, cellulose, vitamin C, vitamin K and other essential minerals. It is perfect for salad or even if you want to add it to your pasta.


Lemon is one of the best ingredients that you can use in any recipe; it is perfect if you want to spice up your food. Just some drops of lemon juice on fish, chicken or in a salad can add so many flavors. It contains vitamin C and anti-inflammatory qualities that are perfect for body and skin.


Just a little drizzle of honey can add so many flavors to your food. You contain simple sugar, so if you don’t want to use sugar you can use this instead, add it to your salad dressing or in your tea it’s perfect.


Who doesn’t like black olives in their pizza or salad, not only it’s healthy but it is tasty. Just some chunks of olives can make a sandwich taste hundred percent better. It contains omega-3, amino acid, and good fats.


Maybe you don’t like the smell of it but it is defiantly a key ingredient that is used in almost every recipe. It enhances the flavor; it helps in keep blood pressure, bacterial growth, cholesterol and digestion problems under control.


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