The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

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The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet
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The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet. Beauty is a subjective concept, and always any rating on this topic will be the subject of discussion. It is all the more difficult to talk about the beauty of animals: they are all different, often do not have common features, and therefore no clear comparison criteria. But there are such representatives of the fauna, when looking at which it is difficult to restrain admiration. We present to your attention a small list with the most beautiful animals of the planet:


Amur Tiger

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

The habitual habitat for the most northern fields is Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai. This species differs from its southern counterparts not only in a thicker coat and layer of fat, but also in an extremely small population, which made people put the Amur tiger in the Red Book. The impressive dimensions are required to be maintained by eating about 10 kg of meat per day, therefore single males and females, sometimes living in groups, constantly hunt in a controlled area, reaching 800 sq. Km.


Akhal-Teke Horse

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

This breed is called one of the oldest and purebred. Distinctive features of the Akhal-Tekeans can be considered a long withers, a wide forehead and an elongated jaw. A strong physique with a wide sternum adds to the horse’s stature and aristocracy. Representatives of the breed – the standard among the riding. Isabella color, which has a shade of ivory and shimmers in the sun, is especially appreciated among horse breeders.


White Lion

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

Among the kings of the animal world there is also a special caste that is exalted and stands out from the others. They live mainly in South Africa and cannot boast of a large population. White lions owe their color to a disease called leukism: pigmentation affects not only the hair and mane, but also the eyes. Otherwise, representatives of the cat family with such an impressive appearance do not differ from their counterparts.


Polar Bear

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

A large predator with a flat head and a long neck that lives in the tundra and polar regions sometimes migrates, but is more often attached to a certain territory. Its snow-white coat, covering black skin and a dense layer of fat, can acquire a yellowish tint under the rays of the sun. And huge claws allow you to stand firmly on the ice and hold prey (fish, walruses and other inhabitants of the ocean).


Big Panda

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

An animal similar to a soft toy is a symbol of China, in the mountain regions of which it lives. The charming look (snow-white body and head, black spots around the eyes, black ears and paws) is complemented by dimensions (weight up to 160 kg and body length of about 1.5 m). The basis of the diet of pandas formally assigned to predators is bamboo. An adult requires about 30 kg of stems of these plants per day.



The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

A mammal living in the seas of the northern hemisphere is beautiful not only externally (a plastic shiny body with a pointed muzzle), but in a positive sense it impresses with its mental abilities, as well as its often friendly attitude towards humans. Being predators, dolphins feed on small fish and other small aquatic inhabitants, rarely showing aggression to other neighbors.


Dart Frog

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

Frogs of this species have a modest size (1.5-6 cm) and a very bright and bizarre color. One of the reasons for this “disguise” is the desire to scare away predators. However, the excretions of their skin, substances that can cause tangible discomfort to the enemies that encroached on colorful prey, also cope perfectly with this. There are approximately 175 subspecies of woodpeckers, and they are all beautiful in their own way.



The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

The steppe lynx, which grows up to a meter in length (excluding the tail), differs from other members of the family by its unique ears, painted in black, wide, raised high and decorated with an edge. These are real locators that allow you to hear both prey and impending danger, as well as adapt to the characteristics of the terrain in Africa and the Middle East.


Caramel Crab

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

Baby crab (maximum grow up to 2 cm) find refuge in the corals of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and masterfully change their color to the color of a new house. Adjusting to the surroundings, they can turn red, yellow, white or pink. In fact, this species has no relatives and is monotonic, which makes caramel crab even more unique.



The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

The Australian herbivore – the only member of its family – prefers eucalyptus to any other food. For most of the day, koalas with their unflappable appearance and plush appearance are spent frozen in a tree or giving themselves up to sleep. They do not like to go down to the ground, jumping from branch to branch when necessary, which is greatly helped by large and sharp claws.


Colobus Pickaxe

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

A native of Zanzibar is not particularly loved by the local population because of the specific smell. The population is constantly declining, as these monkeys live only on this island. Kolobusov’s diet is rich, although they are not able to eat ripe fruits (their stomach cannot digest sugar), and in case of problems with the digestive tract, adults treat themselves by eating coal.



The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

The trick of the foxes lies not only in their good memory, their ability to search for loopholes and various original moves during hunting, the appearance of a representative of the canine family, as it were, encourages such a characteristic: a sharp muzzle, shiny eyes, clasped ears, red fur and a fluffy tail. This is one of those species of animals that are found almost throughout the planet.


Mandarin Fish

The Most Beautiful Animals of the Planet

Shimmering in several colors, a beautiful fish plows the expanses of the Southwest Pacific. Its base color is blue, and various stripes, circles and other patterns are already appearing on it – very similar to the mantles of long-standing Chinese officials. A modest size of 6 cm makes us look for secluded places for catching small crustaceans, where the mandarin duck does not shine to be someone else’s prey.



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