The New Technology of New Car in 2020

The New Technology of New Car in 2020

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The New Technology of New Car in 2020

The New Technology of New Car in 2020. From the beginning of the new century, the hustle and bustle of innovation took place in Tech-world. Mobile became a smartphone. And the device is now doing a lot of work for people. Meanwhile, the speed of the Internet is increasing geometrically.

Connecting all the technology needed for smart people. However, the technology has not had much effect on the vehicles except the change in appearance; More specifically, in private cars. Thanks to all the new innovations, electric cars, the concept of ‘smart cars which are giving different levels to personal vehicles.

The kind of car we see today will change dramatically in the coming decades. Adding to the car are the advantages of computers, Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi, artificial intelligence. The goal is clear now. The car needs to be automated. Let’s take a look at the latest technologies of the new century, which will replace our familiar private car.

V2V Communication:

V2V Communication is called ‘Vehicle to Vehicle Communication.’ Simply put, this technology will allow one car to communicate with another. When a driver comes out on the road, one driver yells for another to give him a ride. It’s not just that V2V is. It can also be a Vehicle to Infrastructure.

That is, a car will not only be able to communicate with the front or rear cars but will also be able to communicate with the various devices installed to control road traffic. For example, traffic lights. That is, the day for breaking the traffic laws is coming to an end. This technology is usually powered by infrared. This technology is already installed on Mercedes’ E-Class cars.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI):

The technology has come to increase the power of the engine. The task of determining how much fuel can be added to the engine or how much oxygen is mixed with it is the task of this technology. The sensor sends various information about the fuel to the engine control unit. The specially-designed computer system subsequently sends fuel to the engine on a regular basis.

Bluetooth connectivity:

Bluetooth connectivity technology is currently available in many cars. However, with the help of this technology, many companies believe that the safety of the vehicle can be further enhanced. It is able to discard the keys of the car or not. That means an app for the car will be on your phone, and you will be connected to the car via Bluetooth. It’s done. From unlocking the car to the amount of fuel, how much speed you are going to – all the information will come to your mobile. This year, Volvo will introduce this technology in its new cars.

Wireless Charging & Wi-Fi:

Wireless charging is being added to new cars. With this technology, the smartphone will be charged with the power of the car without a cable connection. With a built-in router, the Wi-Fi hotspot is available in the car.

Electric charging:

Climate change is pushing people to use electric cars. The electric vehicle market is also increasing daily. Tesla Motor is at the forefront. But other brands are also leaning towards electric cars. Now a car can go 200 km in charge. The world-renowned Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Ford have all announced that they will make fully electric cars by 2020.

Night Vision:

Driving at night is harder than in the daytime. Sleepiness is a problem in addition to darkness. Audi is offering a technical solution to the problem. They are also adding night vision technology to the new cars, which will alert drivers to the driver’s eyes or the cars in front of them.

Semi-auto driving system:

The current transport system does not support fully driverless cars. Yet many companies are trying to make such a car. Tesla and Mercedes-Benz are ahead. Currently, almost all Tesla cars and some Mercedes cars have a technology called ‘drive pilot.’ This technology is capable of driving cars automatically. This year, Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class comes in at 130 miles an hour without a car driver. Another such advantage is ‘Drive Pilot Distronic.’ Its task is to follow the front car at a certain distance. With the rapid development of driverless car technology, the time has not yet come to remove the wheel. These functions can currently only assist in safe driving.


Another benefit of self-driving is adding too many cars – self-parking. The BMW Seven Series, Tesla, Mercedes-E class vehicle has this technology. Using the mobile app, you can park the car in the parking lot and remove the car from the parking lot. Although it is not yet smart to use in outdoor parking, it is an excellent technology to control the car in its own parking lot.

Emergency Brake Technology:

Suppose the driver is relaxed to drive, and then suddenly there is a car in front of the driver’s eyes. Then the car will brake itself. This is called automating emergency braking technology. That has been argued in new cars since the 21st. This is a security feature.

How might the cars of the future:

To understand how the car might look like in the future, we have to look at what is happening in the technology world now. Currently, Artificial Intelligence is taking place. And the goal of private car manufacturers is to automate the car fully.


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