The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

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The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel
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The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel


The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel. Bold and incredibly charismatic French actor Vincent Cassel, even as outright Scoundrels and infamous villains often looks more attractive than the main characters. A deep and intriguing blue eye truly won more than one female heart, among the “victims” proved and gorgeous Monica Bellucci. However, world-renowned and a brilliant acting career, he received the talent. Here is the list of The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel


La Haine (de Haat)

The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

Mate Kassovittsa The film – about Paris and the lives of its citizens, taking place on the edge, far from the tourist routes. The spectator does not see the city of love, but something else, there is no space romance and beauty. Events blossom in the Quarter Ghetto for the next day, after police attempt to attack the Arab teenager. One law enforcement officer lost the gun, which falls into the hands of you forcing him to take revenge for what happened.

The main roles are played by: Hubert Kunde, Said Tagmaui, Vincent Cassel. Movies of that kind always leave a trace in the soul after viewing the soil, to think about what they saw. Originality and atmospheric image make it the fact that it accounts for the black-and-white film.

The tape included in the list of 250 best films of all time, according to the IMDb version, won three national ‘Cesar’ Award, an award at the Cannes Film Festival. It is noteworthy that all three lead actors were nominated in the “Most Curious Actor” category. The film wasn’t a first for Vincent Cassel, but it was an excellent start to his career.



The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

The Apartment – L’Appartement (1996)

Drama directed by Gilles Mimouni was shot dead by his own script. At the center of the plot – a young and successful businessman, who intends to get married and eventually stay in Paris. He randomly meets a girl who in the past was very much in love. Forget it all, he sees her and falls into a mysterious apartment.

One of the most important roles performed while still beginners and little-known actress Monica Bellucci, and later the wife of Vincent Cassel and a world celebrity. Roman star couples started on the set, even though, according to both, that was not sweet at first sight. Hands Italian model B. Kassel searched for three years, after which she gave. The marriage lasted 12 years, the couple have two daughters.



The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

Detective thriller already known to director Mate Kassovittsa, who had continued under the name of “Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse”. A horrific story about a mysterious murder in a small town lost in the Alps. For the purpose of his investigation arriving from Paris, detective work is based on cooperation with the local guardian of order. Starring Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel, who did not participate in the sequel.


Sheitan (2006)

The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

Mystery novel from the beginning director Kim Shapirona once again confirmed the actor’s negative role. B. Kassel is unforgettable as a wild eccentric caregiver home, lost in the wilderness. Arrived on Christmas night, the retiree and the company of her friends, will soon begin to notice strange things happening around.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but overall it was a success at the box office.



The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

Thriller about life in London Russian thieves, guarded by Canadian director David Cronenberg. The plot of the story begins with the death of 14-year-old girl from Russia at birth. Good wife, she is the daughter of Russian immigrants, trying to understand what was happening to them and how they came to the country. After deciphering the diary, it makes clear that her fraud was taken from Russia, thrown off drugs and forced into prostitution. However, it is not one, the process is set on stream.


Mesrine (2008 film)

The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

The basis of the action movie was the true story of a famous French criminal Jacques Merina, whose image is on the screen a corpse Vincent Cassel. He is hiked and raised in a prosperous civilian family. It’s hard to say what drives him to crime. In the 1970s, he really represented a threat to the state primary education, participating in armed robberies and periodically serving time in prison. The scenario was a book written by J. Merino, but he is known as a great storyteller, and to say that it is true and where it ends is quite difficult.

Also in 2008 came the continuation of the history of “Enemy of State No. 1: The Legend.”


Black Swan (2010)

The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

In 2010, director Darren Aronofsky took a psychological thriller that went into the books as one of the three best and most memorable films about ballet. A stunningly beautiful setting and a mighty flash Ballerinas lead to admiration, but behind all this? Titanic work, physical pain and mental anguish. The spectator observes the story of how a young and memorable ballerina goes crazy in striving for the right to be first and foremost. The role played by choreographer Vincent Cassel. Movies of this kind are certainly noteworthy. Natalie Portman received for participation in the “Oscar” project.



The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

As you can guess by the title, the movie is based on the fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprens De Beaumont. Beautiful story of self-sacrifice, kindness and, of course, love. Belle called his father way short of being forced to go to the castle monsters. But the curse of love can once again return to human form. Starring Vincent Cassel and Lea Seydoux.



The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

Matteo Garrone The film is based on fairy tales Basile. The story of the three Magic Kingdom, each of which has really come to fruition dramatically. This is not the children’s movie, but rather a product for matured “children”. The film is full of surprising and sometimes difficult to capture the atmosphere, but it is impossible to see from the screen.



The Top 10 Films of Actor Vincent Cassel

Captures the hearts of women Vincent Cassel, whose personal life has always been close to media attention, especially after divorce, has appeared in a melodramatic comedy Claude Berri. In the story of two friends with their teenage daughters are sent to Corsica during the holidays. Under the hot sun, in a relaxed resort atmosphere between 45-year-old man and his daughter’s best friend established novel.


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