Tokyo Games more relevant than ever, says Murray

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34-year-old British tennis prima says helium is excited astatine the imaginable of defending his Olympics rubric for a 2nd time


Reigning champion and doubly tennis golden medallist Andy Murray says an Olympics amid the Covid-19 pandemic is much applicable than ever, and that the Tokyo Games tin supply anticipation for those who person suffered during the past 18 months.

The 2020 Games, postponed from past year, commencement successful earnest with Friday’s Opening Ceremony, and participants are acceptable to vie astatine bare venues to minimise the hazard of infections.

“The Games are the biggest contention successful the satellite and arsenic athletes we bid hard for moments similar this,” Murray said successful comments emailed to Reuters.

“Tokyo 2020 successful 2021 is unique, falling during the pandemic and we person seen unthinkable resilience from athletes, fans and each those progressive successful making this happen.

“In truthful galore ways, close present it’s much important than ever that radical astir the satellite get to reconnect to the earthy emotion of sport, ticker unthinkable performances and observe the accomplishment of athletes coming from astir the world.”

The 34-year-old Murray has been moving his mode backmost to afloat fittingness pursuing hip-resurfacing country successful 2019.


He is excited astatine the imaginable of defending his Olympics rubric for a 2nd clip having won men’s singles golden astatine London 2012 and again successful Rio de Janeiro successful 2016.

“Leading Team GB astatine the Opening Ceremony successful Rio was 1 of the highlights of my career, and winning successful 2012 connected location crushed was an unthinkable moment,” helium said.

“Overcoming barriers and difficulties is what defines competing astatine this level, the ups and the downs.

“For those that are inactive experiencing the worst of the pandemic and others that person mislaid truthful overmuch implicit the past year, this Games tin beryllium a beacon of hope.”

Tokyo volition beryllium Murray’s 4th Games, and the Scot is not giving up anticipation of adding to his medals, which besides see a mixed doubles metallic from London.

“My extremity is to effort and triumph a medal. Ideally a golden 1 for my country,” helium said.

“I cognize first-hand the interaction that playing athletics for a vocation has connected your body. I cognize however hard and frustrating that travel tin be. I cognize the heartbreak of missing a large tourney and the travel of recovery.”


Swiss Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal are among a big of large names successful tennis who person skipped the Tokyo Games, which is being held nether strict wellness protocols to curb the dispersed of the virus.

“There are galore athletes for whom 2020 should person been a crowning achievement, who volition present not adjacent marque the rescheduled Games this summer. I genuinely consciousness for them,” Murray added.

“It’s nary concealed however overmuch the fans enactment means to maine and I person large sympathy for the crowds who won’t beryllium capable to beryllium determination successful person.”

Olympic and Japanese officials person continued with the Games contempt absorption from the citizens successful the state to hosting much than 11,000 athletes, unit and media.

Murray said it was hard to number the benefits of vulnerability to athletics astatine the highest level.

“It supports intelligence health. It encourages accrued carnal activity. It exposes america to different cultures and peoples. It brings america together,” helium said. “Sport isn’t conscionable a cardinal quality close – it is 1 of the astir impactful tools to heal and fortify our society.

“An unthinkable magnitude of enactment has gone into ensuring the information of everyone progressive with the Games. It’s going to beryllium astonishing to beryllium playing successful Tokyo and my ain experiences are wherefore I deliberation the Games person ne'er been much relevant.”

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