Top 5 Daily Habits that Mar the Beauty of Your Glowing Skin

Top 5 Daily Habits that Mar the Beauty of Your Glowing Skin

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Top 5 Daily Habits that Mar the Beauty of Your Glowing Skin

Top 5 Daily Habits that Mar the Beauty of Your Glowing Skin. Are you a beauty buff, leaving no stones unturned to endow your skin with that spotless radiance and resplendence to keep yourself forever young? Hold on! Too much of indulgence and applying acne treatment creams can be detrimental for your beautiful skin. Check out how some of the daily activities that can maim our skin:

1. Soothing Saunas

Do you love soothing your nerves and spend hours pampering yourself in the hot spas and relaxing saunas often? Although such methods claim to aerate and cleanse your skin by opening up the pores, yet too much of the hot steam can lead to untimely skin sagging. Therefore, indulge in saunas only once in a while. This can save you from wrinkle paranoia.

2. Mobile Mania

If you are among those who love chatting over cell phones for hours on end, be careful the next time. The radiation that gets emanated from mobiles can cause great harm to the skin around your jaws and chin. In today’s world, mobiles are one of the most efficient devices to communicate and if you are impelled to do so for long hours, just remember to keep some anti-bacterial wipes handy to clean your skin with them intermittently.

3. Cups of Coffee

Your job and household compels you to keep yourself on your toes the whole day and sipping a cup of coffee or two every now and then help you regain some energy. Moreover, you know, coffee can do no harm to your skin since they are rich in anti-oxidants. However, did you know that profuse intake of coffee also drains out the water from your body, leaving your skin cells dry? Therefore, if you cannot just let go of the coffee factor, have lots of water and abstain from fluids that are conducive to untimely skin-aging.

4. Passive Smoking

Did you know passive smoking is as harmful to your skin as first-hand smoking is? If you did not, it is time that you gear up and stays away from places that expose you to secondhand smoking as far as possible. Passive smoking can lead to untimely wrinkles and creases on your skin which will not be desirable.

5. Filtered Water Bathing

You might well be aware of the damage that prolonged bathing can cause to your skin and you have been careful enough to avert being under the shower for too long. But did you check on the chemical content of the water at your place? Bathing in filtered water is thus by far the safest way to keep your skin glowing and moist forever.

Now that you know these facts, be careful to take note of these things and you will be proud to flaunt your skin for long years to come.


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