Top 7 Frankie Valli Songs Ever

Top 7 Frankie Valli Songs Ever

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Top 7 Frankie Valli Songs Ever

Top 7 Frankie Valli Songs Ever. Who is Frankie Valli? he was the leader of one of the biggest groups of the 1960s: The Four Seasons. Valli is known for his successful career with four seasons and as a solo artist. We have collected seven of his best hits with Four Seasons, Which Frankie Valli tune is your favorite?

1. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

You might know this song better by Andy Williams, but it was Valli who recorded this love song first. This classic song was written by Bob Crewe & Bob Gaudio, Gaudio is a bandmate from Valli’s at The Four Seasons.

2. My Eyes Adored You

This song was originally recorded by The Four Seasons in 1974. However, after the Motown label refused to release, the recording was sold to Valli for $ 4000. It became Valli’s biggest solo hit and went to number one in the US.

3. Grease

The title song for the movie adaptation of Grease. This song was written for the film by Bee Gees who plays Barry Gibb, and recorded by Frankie fellow falsetto singer, though he didn’t use his upper range this time around.

Peter Frampton played the guitar, which was almost never included in the film as director Randal Kleiser didn’t want to use a contemporary track in a movie set in the 1950s.

4. Beggin

Peggy Farina & Bob Gaudio wrote this soul anthem, and it became a hit song for The Four Seasons in 1967. Forty years later, the Norwegian group Madcon released a contemporary cover version, and it became a big hit around the world.

5. Big Girls Don’t Cry

One of the Four Seasons classics, writer Bob Gaudio once said he was sleeping while watching the film Ronald Reagan, Tennessee’s Partner when he heard a male character slap a woman’s face.

After the slap, he replied, “Big girls don’t cry.” Gaudio wrote lines on a piece of paper, fell asleep, and wrote songs the next morning. However, the famous line is actually in the movie Slightly Scarlet, just in case you want to know.

6. December 1963 (Oh What a Night)

It saw a disco comeback in 1975 in four seasons. In fact, it’s actually not Frankie Valli on the main vocal! Frankie gave backing vocals while Gerry Polci took the lead.

According to author Bob Gaudio, the song lyrics were originally made in 1933 with the title’December 5th, 1933′ and celebrated the repeal of Prohibition, but the lyrics were changed by Frankie Valli and lyricist Judy Parker to reposition the song as nostalgia looking back at the first affair of a young man with a woman.

7. Walk Like a Man

Another classic Jersey Boys song, this is technically one of the most dangerous ever made. During the recording session, the fire department receives an emergency call from the building.

When producer Bob Crewe insisted on recording the perfect shot, smoke and water began to seep into the studio. The room directly above the studio caught on fire, but Crewe had blocked the studio door. He continued to record until the firefighters had to use their ax on the door and pull it out.


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